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It was hard today :(

I did another 6.5k on my treadmill as it's so cold and my hands and feet are hurting but it was so hard. After 10 mins I was puffed and legs were heavy but I did keep going for 45 mins and get to my 6:5k. Immediately afterward I felt good as we all know we do and that's the feeling we crave. How ever 3 hrs later my legs have not recovered and I would go as far to say they are hurting especially at the top of each calf. I did notice the treadmill kept changing the incline between 1 and 3% randomly well probably not randomly I expect I randomly hit a button I should not have! I missing the outdoor runs but throughly enjoy reading all your antics so keep it up people!

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6.5k is great, well done you! Although I am tempted by the treadmill in this weather I just can't stand it after the outdoor runs. Glad to see you're still enjoying your running Tombenoly. :)


Well done !

Yes it was hard, but you didn't give up , 6.5km is great !

Maybe a couple of days rest to give your calves chance to recover xxx


Rest your calves for a day or two, then have another go. If the treadmill is going up too steeply, can you override it back to 1%? Well done on running 6.5k! 👍🏻😀😀🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻


That's brilliant! Well done to you. I use to run on a treadmill and can imagine that distance would be hard! Lots of stretching for the aching muscles and you'll be good to go again 😊


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