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Go fetch...that's a good...girl!


Well... think crazy puppy rushing around... away from owner, back to owner, through puddles and over broken branches and you get the general idea.

Nope.. not really a dog.. but me. Let me explain.

As some of you know, I have, like so many, been crocked for a couple of weeks.. first tentative outing Thursday! Yesterday, Husband, who has also been crocked.. suggested he went for an initial, after illness walk and why didn't I go with him.. I could do some slow jogging and walking, and we would keep meeting up, as we knew the route he would take. Good idea.

We set off at a reasonable pace, beautiful morning and plenty of time to soak in the first warming rays of a wintry sun. Evergreens glossy and the tattered brown leaves of a resilient beech, hanging like shards of old parchment and blowing ever so gently in the light breeze. We head down the hill and I start a slow jog.. husband heads for paper from the shop by the station.

I was breathing okay , so not too worried... I headed along the main road into the village and then back to the shop to meet husband coming out. We followed a route, through the back track ways between the big houses, hidden behind the huge conifers and oaks, first walking together and then me shooting off for a three minute jog, then back to husband, and a walk, then a five minute jog and repeat. Followed this pattern for three more repeats. Me avoiding large puddles and pot holes...(his walking route is not one of my running routes...) up and down, round and about. It suddenly occurred to me, that I was actually behaving like a small dog.. walking steadily by my owner, then running off, then coming back! This was made so much worse by husband.. oh so funny... actually throwing a small twig... Fetch!

Unbelievable.! Fits of giggles, not conducive to breathing steadily and much to the amusement of a dog walker.. with a real dog! Husband then suggested I do a final burst and head off to get the coffee on! Yes, right. Seriously, it was different, and it was fun... but I think we may go our separate ways , literally, for further outings! I like the me time of my run, and to let my thoughts ramble, and to take things in.

However, for a second day out after illness, it was not a complete fiasco. I am able to jog again and at a reasonable pace. I am going to repeat Stepping Stone on Monday and build up again steadily. Very relieved!

I think he will be quite glad to do his own walks again too.. the idea of a small grey clad thing leaping around in front of him, disappearing and then reappearing must seem quite surreal...

Woof :)

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This made me chuckle Oldfloss!

I can just picture you scampering about while your husband walks sedately along. Glad you're both feeling better.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Ullyrunner

He does walk sedately!!!! How did you know! :)

Yes.. it was fun..and thanks for the support x


Ha ha ! Absolutely brilliant Floss ! :-)

That made me chuckle Ha ha !

Well done on your run, and fetching the stick as well ! Your hubby - Tee Hee ! :-) xxx

OldflossAdministrator in reply to poppypug

Yep.. not something I plan to repeat!!!

It was fun! :)


Sounds good fun though! That's what you need to get yourself back into it: a good giggle!


You are so right.... laughter, the best medicine... that and a drop of sunshine! :)


Ha ha. That really made me laugh! Sounds like lots of fun. For him! Only joking. Whatever gets you both out there and doing is fine by us. Keep up the good work. Maybe you could get him one of those ball hurlers so you'd have to run further to retrieve your prize. Think of it not as a ball but a medal. We will run to the ends of the earth for a small shiny thing.


We will too..! Anything that sparkles!

Yep.. it was fun, and made me giggle too. I think the ball hurler may be a step too far! :)

Hoping to do a bit of a 'proper' run tomorrow... I have so missed the running whilst I have been crocked..but hey ho.. days getting longer and a tad lighter... so, slow and steady and build up to speed!


Made me giggle too :)

I did something like that with my partner - but when I was only running a mile as part of a longer walk - can't say I ever likened myself to a puppy tho :)

glad you're out and about again tho - it's amazing how much we miss it when it's not possible!


Well...it was a one off and fun! It is good to be out and about as you say...thanks.

Once we're hooked....😉

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