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Get up and go seems to have got up and gone 😭


I haven't done anything for several weeks now after a painful knee followed by a chesty cough that wouldn't budge - it still likes to say hello now and again.

I now seem to have lost all of the positive motivation that I previously had!!

I do want to get back to running (plodding) but need a kick up the backside to get me going again and thought some kind people on here may be able to help with that!

So please get kicking x

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Well, Janey, I'm not going to kick! Sometimes injury and illness leave you feeling weak for a while, be kind to yourself and go gently. Build up your stamina with walks, walk your running will happen again as you obviously have the running bug!


Just think of the time lapsed as being kind to yourself as your body was repairing!! Health is important so better to look after yourself than make things worse!! Be gentle with getting back to it maybe look back at the intervals on c25k and build up your strength first!! You can do it & just remember you body needs repair time to get you back to the after run buzz😊😊 keep us posted with how you get on 😊x


Just go out, aim to do one mile very slowly... choose a place that you like to run and enjoy it. I guarantee it will give you a boost..... 😎


No kicking!

Why not go out and walk your running route with your running shoes on - I defy you to not want to break into a trot at some point. You know you want to - but make it a 'no pressure' return.


Thanks for the replies . I may well go out a bit later as hubby has bought himself a bike and he wants to give it a try so he said he'd cycle while I run 🏃sorted!!

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And then you can swap: you cycle while he runs, yes?

Hope your run goes well, just take it easy and ease back into it. Where are you at in the programme?

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