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Day 4 - My Journey 4!! Thoroughly enjoying my runs. Love to go out at night, it is hard not going to lie but I am so determined and just love being outside and exploring. I am alternating my runs with the strength and flex podcast (week 1) and/or a fitness dvd!! I bought the Charlotte Crosby ones find them a lot of fun but they are challenging!! The diet is hard but I'm feeling good about it. I wouldn't really call it a diet as much as just trying to improve my eating habits. Tend to have scrambled egg for breakfast or natural yoghurt with fruit. It's alright but I'm so looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning and going on a lovely run in the countryside- as that's where I am lucky enough to live!

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Well done you 😊 your determination will see you through to the end of this program which is fantastic!!! Believe in yourself & trust the program as it works!! It is hard work making life changes in diet as well as exercise so be proud of yourself & most importantly enjoy.... Keep going... 😊x


Hey, can I ask you what your tips are for running at night safely?


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