Week 1, Day 4 - my bowel the Iranian embassy siege

My body isn't happy. It's as if, with this sudden unexpected exercise, it's gone into shock mode, no it's retaliating, and has closed the bay doors. Holding hostages ransom if you like (crude) until normal service is resumed.

I'm being terrorised by my own bowels. Yeah? Well send in the SAS! I refuse to back down. Hear that?

Off for a slow walk to laxative shop.


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  • Sounds like you need more fibre in your diet. Fresh fruit and veg, wholemeal bread will help.

  • Laxative shop, STOP.. You need to think this through, lets say the laxatives do their job and mid run 3 decide to release the lot. Sound of those tights that might become a very messy, public affair.

  • oh LOL - crying with laughter here :)

  • Buttermilk - it's magic! Gentle with no sudden suprises PLUS it tastes nice and makes a really refreshing drink in this heat!

  • How many days worth are you storing? If its a good few and you take laxatives then you might want to take a couple of days off running.... It could take a while to clear that blockage! ;)

  • I'd suggest more fluids rather than more fibre if this is a new thing rather than a general tendency.

    If you look through the blogs you may find that some of us might on occasion be ever so slightly envious of you...

  • Go to the Health Shop 'Lepicol' is the answer to your prayers. Google it. :)

  • You need to drink more water, yes good old fashioned lion juice. Your body is using up its fluids more due to exercise so therefore you need to put more in. Honestly, drink at least 2-3 litres of water a day, can be mixed with dilute juice, herbal teas etc, that will solve the problem. Laxatives will only make things worse. Eat more fruit and veg too, you will soon be sorted.

  • Sounds as though you may be obsessing a bit too much about this? Day 4 is no big deal; people's 'frequency' varies enormously. Just relax; yes, it's uncomfortable but, by definition, it ain't gonna last for ever. Trust your body; it'll sort this out. Laxatives are just a 'quick fix', not a proper solution, and plenty of people above are giving good advice.

  • Ha ha! TMI but it's the opposite for me, I'll leave you with that lovely thought seeing as we're sharing;)

  • Here's my advice, for what it's worth. Go and get some glycerine suppositories to sort out the immediate problem. I know it sounds awful but they work very gently and effectively and abov e all rapidly. Then start drinking lots of water and eat a bowl of All-Bran every morning. I swear it works! Good luck, this too will pass.

  • That is an AWFUL pun

  • Oh, Steve Cramp - you are a card! Did nevertoolate mean to say 'this will pass'? Schoolgirl giggles all round hehehehahehehe ...

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