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The Wild vs The Treadmill

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I'm finding a huge difference between running in The Wild vs running on the treadmill.... I'm going to reserve saying what that difference is until I hear from you all... So really, what I'm asking is do you find a difference? What is that difference for you?

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Sheer boredom on a treadmill and the nagging suspicion it does not relate to the real world in practice.

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RuNanananaGraduate in reply to Irish-John

I'm well bored on the treadmill for sure - but I'm afraid it's going to have to come to that with the winters being what they are here. I just find it much more difficult on a treadmill, and I'm not getting the distance I do in The Wild... (significantly not getting the distance, ie. -1.47k)

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The fresh air, the constantly changing scenery, the wind (even if it is sometimes a pain) the people you meet or rabid dogs you avoid, the twists and turns, hills and dales, makes outdoor running s much easier psychologically.

But I'm a bit of a wuss. If it's p*issing down with horizontal near-freezing rain, then I'll happily pound the treadmill and try to keep mentally occupied by catching up on the news or whatever else is on the telly.

Each have their place

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RuNanananaGraduate in reply to Tomas

True - and there's this app I can load on the ipad and plug into the treadmill - I can run the London Marathon!! (in about 5 days!! lol)

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TomasGraduate in reply to RuNananana

I bought a (cheapo) treadmill and put it up in our garage. But my wifi can't reach there. So I'm contemplating running a cable. Because I would love to be able to do that sort of thing.

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RuNanananaGraduate in reply to Tomas Check it out - very cool. I'm old enough to still be that amazed by technology! lol

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TomasGraduate in reply to RuNananana

It does look very cool.

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OldWheezer in reply to Tomas

I've got a treadmill in the garage for the same reason as well. Quite boring really and couldn't do it without watching something on my iPad. If you have power in your garage from your house you could always try homeplugs to extend your wifi.

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TomasGraduate in reply to OldWheezer

I have discounted homeplugs because the electrical hum from the treadmill will block out any hope of a decent signal. At least that's the theory, but I haven't actually tested the theory. So I think I'll give that a shot before starting to drill holes in walls (and the arguments with the Mrs that's going to cause). Thank you for the suggestion, much appreciated.

I began C2K on the treadmill at the gym and thought I would hate running outside. But now I love my outdoor runs, and I think because I run a circular route I have to complete the run to get home, whereas on the treadmill if I got bored I have a feeling I would give up sooner. I'm still at the gym 3 times a week, but only on my non running days.

I may give in if the weather gets too wet or too cold, especially after my problems in the mud yesterday.

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RuNanananaGraduate in reply to Razouski

I do the same thing! lol I have no choice but to finish - and it's a tangible finish line too - you can actually see it!!

I think the only thing that's going to console me having to use the treadmill is that RunSocial app....

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I started off running on a treadmill because I was "pants" at running. Then W6R3 came along, or at least I think that was it, and I posted a photo of my new shoes. Well, the rest is history, as they say, as this band of happy runners coaxed me outside. I haven't been near a treadmill since. I would rather be outside, even in the rain, cold and wind, than in the gym any day!

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Not a treadmill...but my Elliptical cross trainer... and I have no choice currently..busted ribs...

The great outdoors always, otherwise... :) Wild. weatherful, wayward and wonderful... I love every raindrop. muddy puddle, stinging nettle and icy blast.

But.. I am thanking my lucky stars for my cross-trainer currently... it is saving my sanity, keeping me fit, hopefully... and the difference for me...? Even with two broken ribs, I am able to accompany some unknown American on a run through the wilds to a hidden gorge, past a rippling river and hidden lakes...( thanks You-tube) and achieve 5K.. in 35 minutes... ( no resistance and no incline ) :)

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RuNanananaGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

It's hard to "like" a post that includes words like "busted ribs" - but apparently such is your commitment that you're working around it. Pretty impressive! Sending healing vibes your way!

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to RuNananana

Thank you... I am just going steadily on my trainer and strengthening all the bits I can :) Touch wood.. i think my ribs are healing a bit faster than I had hoped :)

I am not fanatic and exercise freak but I just love my running and all it gives me.. and I want to stay healthy whilst I am crocked... I even practice my gentle half squats whilst holding my new granddaughter... good for my tummy and good for her hiccups..( apparently recommended now as a good way to cure them) :)

When I started c25k I preferred the treadmill to the road - it was lovely! No hills, no wind or rain and I could run faster and farther on the treadmill. But then I was doing the shorter distances as I progressed through the weeks. Once I'd graduated, I realised that I hated running on the treadmill because I was bored!

They're better though, if you want to avoid running on hard surfaces.

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I am much slower in the wild than I am on the treadmill. I think this is a combination of varied inclines, being afraid in bad weather of slipping on wet leaves / mud, and also because I often stop outdoors when passing walkers or letting cyclists pass me. I always stop when I see a dog off the lead - I've been chased and bitten before. In the gym I run at a consistent, measurable speed, I'm pushing myself much harder because I am more exhausted at the end of the run. I don't like to run in the dark outdoors, because I run in a rural area with no street lights and I run along paths around and through fields, so in the winter I keep my outdoor run for the weekend.

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RuNanananaGraduate in reply to Tailsmo

I wish I could share my neighbourhood with you! Dog bites and slipping! (I've actually given someone sh*t for having their dog running free. As the owner was trying to corral the dog, it sort of slipped out "Maybe you should try a lead!!!" I think I might have snarled a bit) Maybe as the nicer weather comes, and the days are longer....

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TailsmoGraduate in reply to RuNananana

I like dogs as much as the next person, but they should be under control. Can't wait for the longer days!

Hi, the difference for me is I really hate running on the treadmill, I just can't find my stride at all just don't feel comfortable on it, so it's there only if on my run days the weather is too rough to venture outside.

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I don't mind the treadmill but then I use it for very specific sessions twice a week - Monday and Friday mornings. Mostly do intervals on there - Monday is longer 'endurance' intervals, e.g. 3-5 mins 'efforts' wit 2 minute recovery jogs in-between. Friday are my 'sprint' intervals based on the C25K+ 'Speed' podcast, so 8 repeats of 1 min 'efforts' with 1 minute recovery jogs in between. Certainly don't get bored doing those - just very very sweaty!

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When it is fine and dry - Outside 100%

When it is slippy or pouring etc - Inside 100% One wrong twist with my knees could leave me on the IC for 6 months !

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Biggest difference I find is that on treadmill you press the buttons to what speed you want and stick to that pace. Maybe you can go quicker, maybe you need to go slower, but it doesn't change. I like to run outside so I can run to how I feel and then like to review runkeeper to see the plit kms and see where I was faster and where slower and if they match to how I felt on the run.

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Everyone here knows Miss Wobble's bewilderment about using a machine to run on. I just don't get it 😊

Outside is where it's at. The time just flies by, especially on the trail, where the distances just get chewed up.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to misswobble

So right... sigh! I am wondering will my ribs be mended enough let me do the virtual Christmas Eve run outside... :)

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RuNanananaGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Fingers crossed, Oldie!

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John_WAmbassador in reply to misswobble

Different strokes for different folks MW - besides, some people literally have no choice but to run indoors.

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I have found that I have more success on the treadmill and feel better about running in general. I can vary speed and incline, listen to the podcast or music, or set up the laptop nearby and watch YouTube or a video, or just watch the birds and squirrels in the backyard. I can definitely run longer than I do in the wild, but that being said, fresh air and scenery are nice changes. I try to go outside on the weekends, but most of my workouts are in the evening and on the treadmill.

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Okay so I tried RunSocial. It's official. I hate the treadmill. Lost a full kilometre and my spirit on that machine. I'd rather run in freezing rain!

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Outside is best. Although a friend told me to set the treadmill to max incline and then tell him how easy it was after 5k.

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