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Ready for the Off

I have my running gear on, all except for my shoes and my running jacket. I need to go out to the car in a minute and get out my head torch (as I'll be heading back in the semi-dark/dark), and the dog's running gear (including <a href="">one of these for her ladyship</a> I don't know if I'd be so paranoid about being visible if part of my route wasn't an unlit, narrow lane that is used by the local livery stables so is pretty much guaranteed to have traffic on it at odd hours? But it is, so I am.

I have spent what feels like all day sorting out the phone I am currently using and it has driven me NUTS. I'm glad I waited for my other half to be home, or my laptop would have ended up on the other side of the room more than once! As it is I have C25K on it, now with Sarah Millican's (sp?) voice on it, MapMyFitness and some audio files so I am all set :D

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Good luck, looking forward to read afterwards how wonderful it was!

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Good luck xxx


Good Luck !

Please let us know how you went on :-) xxx

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