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Wk7 Run 2

So far so good still... three 25minute runs now completed and feeling a little bit stronger each time. With my 5min warm up and warm down I'm getting to 3.0 - 3.2 miles so should be able to get 5k in ~30minutes by the end. But that is not as important as just getting out there and doing it! Went out it in the driving wind and rain Monday and still managed to enjoy it - after 5 -10mins you have warmed up and can't get anymore wet. I actually went past a guy who was soaked through and seemed to be interval training by sprinting up and down a really steep bank I was running down. Each to his own... He gave me the thumbs up and so I hope he thought I was a runner! Decided not to join him and kept on. :-)

Only gremlin was the odd ache in one shin, which I thought might be shin splints - slowed down immediately and it went away and not felt it since. But need to be aware - would hate an injury at this stage. Slow and steady. :-)

Had a doctors apt yesterday and cholesterol is now normal and weight loss still going well (11kg in 3 months). I'm eell pleased with this, as was my doctor! Obviously this is not just due to the running but its certainly contributed and hopefully there's more improvements to come.

Thanks for the entertainment and support all. Great forum and bunch of people.

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Well done! ☺ just keep plugging away, slow and steady 😊 If you keep running regularly and eating healthily you'll feel much better and the weight should come down ☺


Really encouraging to read this. I'm very competitive & have an inbuilt desire/need to do it as fast as I can.

This is a great flag to remind me that it's more important to get to the end & not injure myself en route - so as I begin my 4 x 25 min runs, I'll think of this.



Yeah.. I have found my lungs are up to it from my base fitness but the legs probably aren't. I think the beauty of this programme is that it is gradual... allows everything to build up together if you don't try and go to fast. Like you my natural urge is to want go as fast as I can, but I reckon that comes a bit later on, post c25k. Good luck with programme - I'm sure you'll enjoy it and the possibilies for healthy exercise it opens for you! Cheers.

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