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Dog bed to 5K?

Here's a couple of questions for all the people who run with their dog - did you have some kind of training programme to get them used to running with you, do you have any tips?

I'm thinking of taking one of my boys along with me for a run, I know he'd love it, but I don't know what distance to start him off on. I'm currently running for 36 minutes, after graduating last week, but want to mirror the C25K programme with him by starting off small and building up.

Thanks everyone!

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You could just jog when he does. that's what I do with the dog I walk. He's not a running breed as such though so we have to be careful not to over do it. I googled and found an online chart which listed breeds in order of running capability. is your dog fully grown? That''s an important consideration ☺


Thanks misswobble! Will google it too. He's a 9 year (going on 9 month) spaniel.


My dog is happy to run when i do, but he has always been pretty active. Found this on runners world and its spot on, he is very easily distracted. He has slowed down a little, not much but he is almost 10 now

Parson Russell Terriers

Best for: Long, steady runs

This smaller dog, formerly known as the Jack Russell, loves playing and tends to be very eager and active. “They are also hunters, so make sure to spend some time training this breed to run beside you and avoid getting sidetracked looking for prey,” Clough says.

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I had a JRT and they can do short fast mad dashes but not long runs as they only have small hearts. My husband used to run with him but not far or for prolonged periods

Start small and build up gradually if doggy is not used to it ☺ Spaniels should be able to hack it with practice ☺ They are prone to injuries same as us so take care. You can have lots of adventures together ☺


I did the program until week 5 with one of mine. He likes the run -walk intervals. You could dedicate one of your runs per week easing him in, maybe starting with Laura again? It's good practice for us as well, you can run them faster now.


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