Day 1

Completed day 1 of couch to 5k with run 1. Was so excited but it was difficult. Found my self struggling, but thoroughly enjoyed being outside at night time. Followed run up with an 8 minute workout from app 8fit. Really felt it in my core. Not enjoying the diet, bland porridge for breakfast, lentil soup for lunch and turkey and salad for dinner. End results in mind.


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11 Replies

  • Well done on completing your first run Emily, but take care not to overdo things. You really don't want to pick up any injury. All the best for your next one and remember what you are going to feel like at the end of all this. We are all here in this together! :)

  • Well done on getting out there😊the new you is round the corner & this plan works! Regards diet try adding some berries to your porridge it fair sweetens it up & vary your meals to keep it interesting😊 you can do it go girl go..😊😊x

  • Hi EmilyRoberts! You did better than I did, I found the start of C25K too hard for me ... I managed that first run somehow but felt so pathetic I simply had to re-think before my gremlins took over and stopped me for ever. I settled on a 3 week pre-C25K programme and have nearly reached the end of that, so intend to restart my C25K journey again next week sometime. Now onto the diet/weight thing. I've been more successful on that front (lost 33 lbs since February ). On that subject a word of advice, if I may: don't diet! Try using MyFitnessPal to track what you eat. It becomes addictive, is easy to use and in time if you stay with it and never lie to yourself it changes all your eating habits and the way you look at food. If anyone had told me back in February that I'd have pre-washed fruit as snacks in the fridge, no bread in the house & a pack of butter that's about to go out of date before I get to finish it I simply wouldn't have believed them. Doing things this way would mean something other than bland porridge (I had frosties this morning), instead of lentil soup I had an egg & tomato baguette while I was out & instead of turkey and salad I this evening had cottage pie and loads of fresh vegetables. As a guy my target is 1500 calories per day plus what I "earn" by exercise (for me this equates to 1 lb weight loss per week, more or less).... even with that baguette today I still had a few calories left. Seriously, try getting food-wise not being on a diet. Good luck, I'll be after you on that C25K goal, see you at the end!

  • Cut the butter in half when you get it and pop one half in freezer :-) I 'd waste so much butter if I didn't do it

  • Well done for getting started. There are lots of us here who found that first run hard going. The thing that really helps is to run really slowly.

  • I thought my lungs were coming out of my nose on my first run :) No way was I EVER going to achieve more than week two or three, all sorts of strikes against me.

    That was June 1st.

    Day before yesterday I ran five miles and enjoyed it. The programme works, believe me.

    Best wishes and take it slow and steady :)

  • Well done! You will meet your goals if you keep it up!

    I agree with davidhwynn above about food/ diet. If it's boring you won't keep it up. Porridge doesn't have to be boring! Grated apple and cinnamon is my personal favourite.

  • Well done for getting started. Keep it slow and steady and you will be fine.

    Do try to vary and liven up your food choices or you will soon get bored - I think that's what kills off most diets!

  • If you look back at my posts on my first day i didnt even manage to complete all the runs, thinking about it now it was probably those darn gremlins overpowering me but since then Ive shown them firmly who is boss.

    My first run was on the 17th October, on the 18th of November, I ran for a solid 20 minutes. The program really does work as long as you can shove the gremlins out the way, well done, im looking forward to seeing how you progress through the weeks.

  • Go you. Now you've started there's no looking back. And we're here to encourage you. x

  • Well done! That first one is always the hardest. I'm another one who's going to advise you not to try to do do too much at once. Maybe run one day and do the core work out the next?

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