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Running with child?

My eldest is 8 years old this week and she would like to do parkrun. I have registered her for it but our local one is only 5k although children do run. She has been running 1.5 miles cross country at school and she is a little speedy pants. She hasn't done a longer run though. I have suggested she runs at my pace (5k in 31-32mins) which another school friend of her does with his mum. What experiences do you have? Am I barking mad?

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Hi, mine are all grown up, but I think you need to be aware, if you're not already, that under 11's must be accompanied by an adult all the way round, otherwise the marshals or race director will take them out/and/or not give a time. I think it's to do with their insurance,- and not least child safety, perhaps check out the website of the one you're planning to go to. - there may be a junior one, specifically for kids nearby - which is 2k

Hope that is helpful.

By the way, lots of children go, and its a lot of fun - I wish I could get mine to go.......😄



Yes she would need me by her side so depending on how she goes I might end up sacrificing my time or if she is a pocket rocket I may need her to slow down (or run with daddy lol). I would like her to try the distance first but she isn't keen on the weather today.......


"Woof Woof". No YOUR not barking We ALL are !!

Great post. Especially about your daughter. If it helps her get into sports at an early age it's great ! I know when I was younger (In an age when there wasn't the "Stranger danger" issue so much) I played football every spare minute form a very early age without any supervision.

It is right that you have to take of ensuring children safe and accompanied and in proper organised sports or accompanied. But great that she is so keen.

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There were quite a few of children doing our local parkrun on the one I did (hoping to do more soon!) I would think the youngest on foot was about 4 or 5 - don't know if they finished it but they certainly looked to be enjoying themselves. It's great that she wants to do it. Certainly sounds a good idea to get her to go slow the first time and ignore your time completely - look at it as a way to encourage her to enjoy running rather than improving your time. If you take it steadily I wouldn't worry too much about not having done the distance before because you can always walk if she's flagging.


Junior Parkrun on Sunday's?


It is a drive away and clashes with her swimming lessons sadly. Her friend has done 20 5k parkruns now and she wants to join him!


Is yours a single lap parkrun or does it have multiple loops ? Might be worth trying for a lap to start with to see how she gets on. You have to be at arm's length of your under 11 at all times so make sure you can keep up with her !


Ours is a figure of eight type so there is a shortish section that you do twice. If I take her it will be all or nothing!!


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