Izzie is now 21 weeks old and VERY energetic. I know that she shouldn't have more than 5 minutes of exercise for each month of life per day, and I do stick to this. Now that she is 5 months she can do 25 minutes so I thought that I would take her for a half-decent run this morning ~ oh, what a mistake!! Firstly, she was all over the place, running back and forth in front of me; secondly she just kept wanting to stop and sniff (how inconsiderate); and thridly, she simply out-ran me!! The indignity of it ~ being out-run by a puppy!!


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  • Oh no being overtaken by the younger generation. I bet she had a load of fun though. They have memories for things like that. I bet next time you put your running gear in she will be by the door waiting.

  • Oh, yes. Waiting with a waggy tail, cold nose and those big brown eyes looking-up at me. How shall I resist?

  • With great difficulty I should imagine :-)

  • Too true, too true.

  • Pup will get used to it and hopefully trot alongside you nicely. Make sure you don't exceed the recommended distance for her BREED! Not all dogs are the same! Heavier breeds will need shorter distances, so bear that in mind on timing pup's runs. I walk a basset and he had quite a long, short distance walks regime until he was 18 months old. It passes in no time though and we walk a very long way together now.

    Happy running to you both

  • Hi

    Thanks for the reply. She is a bit of a mix, but mum was about 80% black Lab and dad, well, that's anyone's guess, but we think he could be a bit collie/spaniel/retriever/some-sort-of-terrier. She will stick to the 5 mins per day per month of age for now. She would LOVE more, but we have to say no for her long-term health.

    She is currently longing in the sun-drenched garden wathcing the chickens with a cretin level of disdain.

  • Oh bless! I saw a lady trying to run today with her doggy, she looked happy to have a companion, but very annoyed that she had to keep stopping! Bet she loves you for it, great way to bond :)

  • I am very happy with my cats, and very glad i dont have to walk them rain or shine...

    But sometimes, i wouldnt mind a bit of doggy company when i run.

  • You can borrow Izzie if you like. She's getting there, but in a few weeks or months time it will as different again [I hope].

  • She's really got you wrapped her little paw & this is the sweetheart that weed in the back of you car. You are a lost cause, you know that don't you?

  • Aye, I do. Currently curled up on the settee next to me, and she has yet to go for a walk.

    She has had a busy morning with helping me make the cakes for my wife to take into school for her birthday. Oh, what a domestic Goddess I am, and that's why I'm known as 'Sally'.

  • Fibber. I remember something about Sally & I'm sure there's a "tatty" element to it. (Notice, I believed every word about the domestic goddess & about Izzie helping you)

  • Of course Izzie helped with the cakes ~ how else could I have managed?

    Sally is a nick-name partly because of my occasional scruffy appearance - Mrs K called me an Aunt Sally and it stuck. It means a scruffy person where she hails from.

    I look at is as a way of saving on ironing! Anyway, running, walking and cycling gear doesn't need ironing in the first place.

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