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I'm freaking awesome!!

Hi everybody!

As you might have gathered from my very enthusiastic title, today's run was spectacular! I haven't posted for a while as I didn't have much to say whilst battling the flu followed by a viral infection. But I was good, I ate healthily, I took my meds and I set out for my first run again today.

Based on the feedback I received following my previous run, I decided to just listen to week 7 and if I feel too tired to continue, I'll walk a bit but at least then I'll know what my limits are and I'll take it from there.

Firstly, I have to say that I missed Laura. Hearing her voice it was like listening to a long lost family member.

I felt I was slower, which was good. I didn't pant or gasp for air. I followed a nice steady pace and before I know it 25 minutes were done! I did it!! I did a very light jog for 25 minutes, but no walking breaks and it wasn't too bad. Based on my Fitbit I completed 4.28 km, which isn't too bad, right? No stopping me know, graduation is within reach. I can do this!!

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Woohoo! Sounds like a fabbo run 😊 Good int it! 😃


4.28K is a fabulous can definitely do this!


Well done that's brilliant. That's faster than me ! I'll have to get my skates on !!

Don't forget to put on your best cheesy grin and plan your celebration for when you've graduated.


Well done! It's great when it all comes together like that!


Well done😄.. all systems go again..

Good luck.


Great Job!


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