OldFloss came along too despite the rain ☔️

OldFloss came along too despite the rain ☔️

For Oldfloss :

I have been missing the wonderfully entertaining posts from OldFloss since she had her injury. I know however that she is keeping up to speed with all of our escapades, alongside her lovely new GrammyFloss role!

But surprise, surprise I did spy her on my recent Parkrun.......she was there alongside me just as she had said she would be if needed during my recent family health related challenges. I took the photo without her noticing! She was in disguise of course, not the usual Grey Snail, but a lovely peachy snail, no doubt due to the impact of the recent arrival of a beautiful grandchild for GrammyFloss.

Thanks Floss, I enjoyed our run!

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8 Replies

  • Aah that's lovely ,definitely floss there! 😆

  • Oh you did spot the post! I am loving my shell, glowing in the sunshine :)

  • of course my dear,it is a beautiful polished snail that one, just like yourself! :)

  • Ha ha! Love it ! :-) xxx

  • I get up to all sorts, even when crocked, PP x

  • Great photo! Well done.

  • It is super... I look pretty sassy! :)

  • Yeay... peachy.... I am loving my new outfit..!

    I really enjoyed that run...what a glorious day it was and you ran so well too. Thanks for the photgraph.. that is one for the Snail Tales.... I hope aliboo70 spots this post....she said I was no longer a Grey snail too!

    Thank you so much xxxxxxxxx

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