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struggling to get back on track

Struggled but got up to wk. 9 and really pleased with my self felt good and looked better, this was 6 wks. ago running partner had to give in as back at work after mat leave and I got a inner ear infection causing dizziness also knees hurting, so want to get back on track but afraid of not being able after I tried a run and could not complete due to getting dizzy,

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That sounds very frustrating for you! If you are still getting dizzy maybe you have some residual infection or a blockage? It might be worth getting that checked out - you don't want an injury through falling on top! Another runner posted some good advice on restarting. Go for a gentle run and time how far you get, then restart at that week of the programme. Remember, there is no rush; the programme and the forum will still be here! Good luck!

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