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Would this be crazy

So today I feel like I need a day off even though im supposed to be starting week 5.

My 2 year old has been ill for the past week, out of hours gp on tuesday told us it was viral and to just give calpol/ibroprofen. Back on Friday, she is sobbing in pain and refusing to eat, this time its bacterial and she has tonsillitis and both ears are infected so start antibiotics. Saturday night, she starts vomiting but doesnt have much to come up so it was initially dry retching, but progressed to bile and then to blood and she is pretty much passing out. Ambulance trip to A&E, but she stabalises, stops being sick and sleeps a little so we get to come back home.

Today she is running around like nothing has happened and has started eating again but me and her dad are dead on our feet and have sore throats and ears.

I probably could run, but really I need some rest. I was going to go out tomorrow morning instead, but to get back in my routine I want to go out wednesday lunchtime as well. Would it be crazy to only have only about 30 hours between two runs this week?

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I'd personally just take a couple extra rest days and start off again on Wednesday. You probably need a rest as well, and it'll avoid double running. You won't have lost any fitness in the meantime.

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Well that's kids for you up and about like nothing happened. I would take an extra rest day just to recharge your batteries and carry on as normal.


Have a rest - it sounds as though you badly need one. Glad to hear your 2yo is feeling so much better but it sounds as though you probably have the same bug as her and your body needs rest to help fight that - if you push yourself to run you are likely to make it last longer and be worse - you don't want to feel like she did. I think you're likely to need to rest tomorrow too and I don't think it would be a good idea to cut the rest time when you're under the weather. I'd wait till Wednesday and see if you feel up to running then. If not, don't worry - you'll soon get back in your routine when you feel properly well. Hope you are all back to full health very soon.


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