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Not happy :-(


I've started W4. Only done run 1 so far (and it was tough!) and now I'm out of action for about a week. Had to see the GP today as I have a painful bladder infection. She advised me to take a break from C25k for a week, which makes sense as I am almost double over with the discomfort. One bit of good news though is that the GP thinks the programme is excellent and was full of praise for me for getting started on it.

How easy is it to pick up where I left off or should I go back to doing week 3 once I recover and am done with the antibiotics?

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I wouldn't expect to pick up from exactly where I left off, ease back into it and avoid the Injury couch :) I don't know any Graduate who finished the programme 'on time, with distance' so there is no hurry. The main thing is to enjoy building up your running stamina and believe me the victory will be all the more sweet when you do graduate :)


I bashed through the programme and having graduated, I think taking it steadily is a much better way to do it because before you know it, it is over and alaura leaves us to it. Why not go back a week, because having a bladder infection will take it out of you, then ease yourself in gently. There is no hurry (I know, I am a hypocrite) to reach run 3, week 9 and every time you run your fitness improves. Keep us posted. I say I am not competitive but a younger friend started C25K a few weeks after me, which made me totally stubborn about ploughing through it, I should have just enjoyed it more


Pick it up where you left off. There is nothing to be gained from going back and you are not likely to have 'lost' much in the time off. (I am so grateful for this advice when I first joined this forum several years ago)

You may find that if the antibiotics are the right ones you feel very much better very quickly but if you know you are just going to carry on you may feel more confident about waiting until you are ready.


I hope you get better soon, and see how you feel, no harm in dropping back a week or to start again just to get your confidance going?


I had a bad chest infection recently and the doctor mumbled about pneumonia but didn't think I needed hospital so antibiotics it was. I had just completed W5. 10 days later although still coughing I went back and decided to try W5R1. It went well so I carried on. I've just completed W7, still got a cough but doctor said it would take a while and added, "you have to remember your lungs are nearly 70". Which although true was a bit of a blow as I'm still convinced I'm not a day over 40😁

So the answer to your problem is listen to your body. If you feel better go for it and when you're running and don't feel so good. Walk, then toddle home and the next time dial it back a bit. Your body will tell you as long as you listen to it and not the mr excuses sitting on your shoulder and whispering nasty demoralizing words in your ear. Best wishes and strength to your legs.

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Thank you!


Repeat Week 3 maybe, slow and steady as ever, build back gradually... the IC is a rotten place to be... I know !

So get better soon and then just ease your way along... :)

Feel better soon. When you next go out see how you feel when your run. Do week 3 again and see how it is, if your fine next run go up to week 4. also make sure you keep up with your fluids when you start running again. Especially if your anything like me, a right sweaty Betty, I have to make sure I replenish after a run. Take care.


Nice to have a supportive doctor! Why not give week 4 a try - you can always go back.

ah I feel your pain! I hope you get well soon, just rest up and take your time when you restart. I knackered my ankle after my first attempt at week 3 back in July and ended up not running for just over a month. Partly due to limping about and partly because I was so scared I would injure myself again. Now its November and I am on week 6 at last but managed to run 5k with only stopping once so am going a bit off track and just running what I can and listening to my body. Although it's frustrating I am sure you will get back out there and be back to where you want to be in no time! Best of luck and hope you feel better soon xx

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