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W5 R3 @ 4am, this is my fifteenth run without rain. 181

Hi everyone,

Well thats week five out of the way and i enjoyed myself. I had to wrap up as it looked cold but there wasn't even a slight breeze. This made the run more enjoyable as my eyes tend to water in the wind. the second half of my run is uphill all the way and I'm pleased that my recovery time is coming down quite rapidly.

I hope everyone has a good run and an even better day.

11/11 We will remember

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Thank you for this post😊😊you just got me motivated to kick myself out of bed to do my 30 min run😊 I admire all you morning runnings so well done & keep 🏃🏃🏃graduation in sight🌟🌟x

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Well done you! very impressive you can end your run going uphill...I h ave been known to turn round and go back the way I've come rather than do that! (I don't mind walking uphill in the final five minute walk, but uphill running it ....shudder!)

Let's hope the weather gods continue to keep you dry.😀

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You are such an inspiration, Really Well done to you !

How come you go soo early ? You must be so determined to get out at that time .

So impressive ! :-) xxx

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Hi Poppypug,

Thanks for your comments.

The reason that I run so early is that I start work at 6 Mon to Fri and work till 4.30.

At the weekend I can get the luxury of a daylight run.

All the best,


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