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Wk 6 pains

Have just finished Wk 6 Run 2 and am to my surprise, having no problem keeping up with the program apart from the fact that I started getting pain up the back of my right ankle during week 5 and it now leaves me limping and achy after each run. I have religiously been running every other day but don't really think I do another longer run as it was increasingly painful through the run today and that was having shelled out for more supportive trainers. I'm gutted. Any advice for me out there?

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When i started the continuous runs I sometimes took 2 days rest between them as i was getting a few more aches and i found that helped. I also stretch after my runs & have a nice soak in the bath. Think its better to take a bit more rest maybe between runs & maybe try an ankle support. Good luck 😊X


Remember, slow & steady, gently stretch calves & achilles after running, rest and get rid of ache first, don't worry about taking more rest days if you have to, you'll get these niggles as your body tries to get used to it...😊


Thanks for the replies, encouragement and advice, I feel better already! Was trying to be very rigid with one day off one on so that I couldn't slack off or start making excuses for not keeping up with the plan but what you are saying makes sense and it's a relief to know that it's not abnormal to be so achy and sore. Hopefully I'll be able to walk straight in a couple of days and can have a go at Run 3 then!! I still can't quite believe I've got this far!


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