Can't get past 4K

I've been doing the couch to 5K since July as I have some health issues and following the plan through exactly is too demanding on my joints so I've been using it more like a guide. For the last three weeks I've been focusing on distance but can't seem to get past the 4K mark, it doesn't seem to matter if I'm going slow or pushing harder I just don't seem to have it in me to go any further. Has anyone else had this problem?


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  • Well done on getting to 4k. Are you running/jogging continuously?

  • Thanks! Did a 25min jog with no breaks then walked for about a minute then did another 5mins to make it up to 4K, that was all I had in me

  • OK then - so you can jog 25 minutes. That's fantastic. Try doing that 2-3 times over 7-10 days then try 27 minutes on your next outing, at the same speed. If you manage 27 minutes, then try it again a few days later. Rinse & repeat.

    Then try 29 minutes :-)

    Have a look closely at the C25K programme and look how each week prepares you for the next - that's how it works.

    Forget distance - just focus on time for now.

  • Thanks for the advice, makes sense to stop focusing on distance, hopefully will be able to get over then hump by not concentrating on it!

  • Hi..have you followed much of C25K or just used it as you say intermittently... Many of us on here follow it, simply to build up the stamina to get to the individual speed or distance we want to achieve ? I think the stamina for me was the key issue :)

    You mention that you find it demanding, on your joints but, if you are doing 4K, then you are doing really well:)

    Maybe... give it a go again, say from just before, wherever you found it becoming a problem and just take it really. really steady and slow... You may find by doing that, the demands are much, much less than the ones from you trying to push past the 4 K mark :)

    I had an issue after graduating when I reached 7 K but that really was a pesky mind-gremlin :)

  • Hi, thanks for the reply. I have been following the plan but stayed at week 5 for about three weeks as I didn't feel able to move on. I think your probably right about the stamina and maybe need to go back to a run/walk week then try a slow and steady longer run. Never thought about the mind gremlins but I am aware my enthusiasm is greater than my abilities so that can be pretty frustrating!

  • What was holding you back after Week 5?

    If you repeated Week 5 twice more then you were in perfect position to move onto Week 6 in my opinion.

  • Just weakness in my joints from operations, if I push too hard too soon I literally can't move for a week!

  • Or just focus on run-walks to increase your distance. Sometimes intervals are more enjoyable, and i can definitely run further with them. i also feel they're easier on my joints. There is no rule you have to run solid blocks.

  • Thanks for all the advice folks, glad I found this page!

  • Hi, I replied to another post in the week where I said a friend of a friend is in the 100 club (over 100 marathons) and she always walks some part of the 26 miles. So don't worry about the distance. In fact don't worry at all.

  • Mind gremlin at w5 "didn't feel able to move on" that's probably what's holding you back, that thought, so push on saying to yourself I can I will! Keep chipping away, it will come!...😊

  • It sounds as though your body would be able to take the NHS C25K (there are others which are slightly up a notch) if you took the pace more gently. You know the idea *isn't* to get to 5k in the 30 minutes? I certainly can't do 4k in 25 minutes.

    Check your footwear, maybe check your running style (most of us do better not heel striking), keep it loose, loose, loose... and get off the hard surfaces if you can.

    The programme is at least as much about mental training... it rarely works as well to second guess it...

  • GoogleMe is right, you are going quite quickly.. I bet you could easily get further if you just slowed down. Go on, give it a try :)

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