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week 6 run 3 i can't get past this

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week 6 run 3 i can't get past this or even do wk6 run3! i guess its because i run indoors. For the last month i have just been repeating all other runs. by the time i get home its usually 2000 or 2130 depending on if i'm teaching Adult Ed in evenings so i dont go outside on the path down past church which is where i have been but its just too dark and my safety is an issue. 25 mins outside without stopping is so daunting. And nothing gets better of me!!! :(

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Are you saying you can't do it on the treadmill or you can't do it outdoors ?

If outdoors slow down your pace, and slow it some more, even if you ended up running at walking pace, do it, to get over the mental hurdle. Same for the treadmill really, slow it down to complete the time.

Might be worth trying ... when you've run as far as you can, say 20 mins or 21 mins, then walk for a minute or 2 then run the minutes remaining. Just to prove to yourself you do have some more minutes of running in you. Then try and tack them together. If you walked for 2 mins, then on the next attempt, only walk for 1 min, then 30 seconds until you've joined them up.

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You CAN do it. If you got this far, you can do it. 👍😊 Be sure you are drinking enough water, even on non-run days. Start your run a bit slower. And smile! It’s the new, successful You. If you’re on a treadmill, try a new music list, or listen to a podcast or audiobook. Anything to distract from the timing & the sense of slog. Maybe set a pinger for the time & then cover the clock/speed display. Anything to get your mind off the timing.

And do report back. We are waiting for your success. 👍😊👍

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Moving to running outside was tough for me too as I'd done the first 3 weeks in the gym. Running outside feels different. I think the key is to not think about the tine and just run - slowly! Just think to yourseld I've run 20 minutes so I can run a few more minutes, but just be in the moment because otherwise you're always thinking ahead to how much more you need to do. When I hit a tough patch I slow down and breathe and then try to concentrate on something around me. The time flies then. Am just two runs ahead of you and have to say I'm always a little nervous before an outdoor run but it's growing on me as long as I don't over think it. Just my experience but I hope it helps

Roxdog, you are spot on! When i have run outside past a farm i can get distracted with lovely animals!! i know i can do it by going slow (Granspeed) . When running indoors sometimes i run on the spot. (islandrunner i don't use a treadmill, just my long hallway). i did a charity run in November and i found outside along the canal a really nice run, even though got lost a bit but scenery and path i enjoyed. i wanted to run over hols where parents live in Germany as there is a path and lake got back too late always or i was sorting my dads IT issues.... thank you so much everyone :)

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If you hit a plateau it’s often because your body doesn’t feel ready. Run what you can, note what you manage and walk the rest. Next time, aim to beat that. Build up gradually. You’ll find this has a good effect on your stamina which will pay off later. You can do it ! We’re all on your side here 😄

thank you so much. i will do it! Just telling my brain & body that! Still cant get over running indoors for ages then as soon as you go outside within a few blocks you slow down or walk! that was my biggest shock! but i'm on it!

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