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W8R2 - did I actually do that????


Hello dear fellow runners!

I hope you are all keeping well and motivated with this cold weather - I started running at lunch time as really too cold and dark in the evening and I was missing more and more sessions.

So anyway, I went out for my second run of week 8 yesterday and unless my tracking app got it wrong I did 7.2k in total!!!!!!!! - 28 minutes running and about 13 minutes walking. According to my phone, I did 5.6k in 28 minutes running which seems a hell of a lot!

I struggled big time, did not stop as I have never have during the whole C25K but oh that was a difficult one!

Graduation is near now but I'm really hoping to get my motivation back as I am having a wobble in these past 2 weeks.

Have a lovely day everyone!


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Gosh you are going a long way , if you can run 28 mins that's fantastic.


Wow, speedy Sylvie! What a cracking distance. That's a long long way for pre grad. :)


Amazing speed! Congratulations! I wonder how far you'll be going at w9r3! Keep running, you're doing fabulously well!

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