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Coming back from a chest infection


I haven't written for a while. First my granddaughter 8yr and daughter were over from Oz for 3 weeks . I carried on with my workouts and running though and both came out with me a few times. They went home and the following Friday I was doing W5R3 and for the first time I couldn't keep running my upper chest felt so tight I couldn't breath. I soon found out why, Sunday evening I had a fever and the next day a full blown chest infection.🤒 I had to have antibiotics but after 10 days I was running again but dialed it back to the beginning of week 5. Today I finished W7R1. Another run of 25minutes and I felt great. When I finished the run, before 5min cool down I did a celebration dance on the pavement alongside a very busy road. Hubby doesn't think it's a good idea. Undignified for a woman of 68. I was just so happy 😁

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You dance if you want to ! Well done.


Nothing dignified at all... go you! I do it all the time..:)

We more mature ladies can still strut our stuff when and where necessary :) Well done for getting back out there so quickly. Many of us had the dreaded lurgy after Christmas last year, and it laid many of us low... you have done well to build up again...Onward and upward :)


Love this post. What's that like nobody's watching? You keep on dancing. Happiness makes us dance and running makes us happy - totally natural ;)

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