Chest infection blues or even blules over!

I got out this morning for the first time in 3 weeks and told myself I could stop whenever I wanted. The sun was shining, the birds were signing, slugs were slugging and it was great!

I did just over 30 slow minutes and no coughing fits. Wonderful to get the 'I've-just-run-high' again.

Thanks for all your advice and getting back out there.

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  • Haha! I giggled about the "slugs slugging" as that just describes them perfectly. Ugh! They have just devoured loads of my plants this year. I hate the little bu**ers ☹️

    Well done on getting out there again.

  • Nice job - glad you are up and running (pun intended) again. Bizarre to think of birds "signing" though :-).

  • So pedantic yatesco , we can always rely on you.......

  • Apologies if I have caused offence, that certainly wasn't my intention.

  • I don't think you could ever cause offence! You make me smile because that's typical of what I would do. I constantly correct spelling and grammar in my head, and really hate it when I send a post....then see the glaring errors

  • I entirely misread your tone, huge apologies :-).

  • I must learn to put smiley faces on my responses as I can't put emojis on. Apologies for upsetting you too, I love your quirky responses, please don't change..... :-)

  • Hey look, a smiley face appeared. I'm going to try that again to see how I did it. :-)

  • "It's not you, it's me" (no, we aren't breaking up!). My wife saw my reply and called me a "Numpty" :-).

    Written media is so insufficient for communicating all the emotions, context and intent of our messages.

    Peace all around :).

  • It's why I have so much 'punctuation'!! I always hope it purveys my meaning and tone in which it was written :)

  • Oh yes.... I can so empathise with this.. too many years teaching. I even e-mailed M & S last week, as there was a spelling error in one of the ads they sent me!

    Got a lovely reply too :)

  • They have to do it, silly.. they know we don't understand bird-speak! :)

  • Great - your legs don't forget how to run. Glad you are feeling better - just build up gently now.

  • Yeay.. out there and doing it again:)

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