Chest infection blules

I graduated a couple of weeks ago and managed to run more than 5k continuously on my next run albeit very slowly. The next day I came down with a chest infection and haven't run at all for nearly 2 weeks.

I am really nervous about getting back out there. Will I be able to run for 30 minutes? What should I expect of myself? Any advice for getting back out there?



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  • I had two breaks since starting c25k, one between w5r2 and w5r3 of a couple of weeks and Monday was my first run for a couple of weeks off the IC (due to decorating of all things!).

    Both times I was pleasantly surprised at how little fitness I had lost. I deliberately started slower than usual but managed the run fine.

    So, in terms of 'running' fitness lost, I would say expect none. However, in terms of recovery, chest infections can take a while, so whilst you won't have lost any running fitness you will probably be less than 100% battery wise, if that makes sense?

    I would go on the run, expect to run the entire distance but maybe take it a little slower than usual and expect to need slightly more recovery time.

  • Very useful advice. Thanks.

    I'll let you know how I get on.

  • I went through almost the exact same thing - chest infections are so frustrating! I'd say make sure you're fully recovered before trying a proper run, maybe try a couple of fast walks to see how your breathing is doing. I'd had about 3 weeks off with tonsillitis and then a chest infection, and it took a while after feeling 'better' to actually feel 'recovered'.

    When I felt up to it I went out and decided I would have a gentle jog for as long as I could manage (in my head I was thinking maybe 15-20mins), with as many walking rest breaks as I needed. This was before the end of C25K, after W9R1, so I wasn't counting it as one of my C25K runs. I actually managed 30mins with only a couple of little walking breaks, and a couple of days later I did W9R2 with no problems!

    So my advice is try not to set yourself a big target, but you'll probably be surprised at how well you've maintained fitness (but only once you're over the actual infection!).

    Good luck! :)

  • +1 - excellent point about the difference of 'better' and 'recovered'.

  • Thanks. Good to hear that there is running after infections!

  • My wife's being having a problem with a lingering chest infection, which has been making her cough when she runs, but is slowly getting better.

    Go out and see how you feel, the first 10 mins are usually always the worst, so try and go through that and see what occurs. You don't have to run for 30 mins do you? Maybe just do an easy shortened run as a test..๐Ÿ˜Š

  • You'll be fine, don't rush to get back out there. I always like to pop an early episode of Laura back on to ease me back in.

  • Don't rush back. The thing with chest infections is that if you're not fully recovered, you can drive any lingering nasties further down into your lungs, making your recovery time even longer. So err on the side of caution and take longer than you think. After all, what's an extra week if you intend to be a runner for the long term?

  • True

  • Take it gently! You will get back to speed quite quickly but just take 2 or 3 runs to build up your strength again.

    I recognise that fear of thinking you've lost it, but my experience is that you'll be fine once you get those legs moving again.

  • Thanks for your understanding and advice.

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