Maybe I'm morning person after all 😄

Maybe I'm morning person after all 😄

Look at that! Really proud of myself, another full minute off my best. 30 mins suddenly don't seem like something distant.

Interesting thing is, I only had few morning runs till now, usually when I see I won't be able to do it later in the day. I have this bad cold, plus it was very cold at 6 degrees. But somehow I really had one of these runs that you really enjoy and that remind you why are you doing this in a first place.

Oh, and my weight - finally - starting to move downwards. Happy days. 😎

Edit: new screenshot added.

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  • Nice one. Well done ench0! :)

    You will soon be smashing that 30 minute mark for your 5K I'm sure. Personally, I think it actually helps when it's colder because you seem to work that bit harder and therefore without realising it you end up increasing your pace. Keep on running! :)

  • Yes you're probably right about the cold weather. It forces you to be more agile and a bit faster. Although I was still sweating like it was mid summer. 😎

  • Well done! Nothing like a new PB to motivate is there?!

  • Absolutely!

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