Week 8 ..morning or afternoon runs?

I've just completed the second run of week 8 and found it tough from start to finish. My breathing was awful, I was gasping at some points and my legs felt like lead. I'm home now but with a headache and dizzy. I was going to put it down to running in the morning which I don't do as I prefer afternoon runs...but I think I'm getting a cold or something. Surely morning runs can't make you feel that bad?

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  • Well done on Wk 8 Debze. I have always preferred to run in the morning and find them much easier than afternoon/evening runs.It could be that its just what you are used to doing. The mind Gremlins maybe worked their way into your head as it was different to normal.

    The thing to take from it is that you got out and did it.

    Maybe there is a cold or somehting brewing, it could be that it just wasn't your run. I have had several runs where I jsut can't get into it and its a real struggle to continue, and then other days for no reason at all it all drops into place and feels amazing.

    I jsut write the bad runs off and make sure I get out again soon to put it to bed.

    Good luck with run 3. The program end is in site, get out there and nail wk 9!

  • Thank you.. I haven't really had a bad run yet but this one definitely was so I'll just put it down to that and I probably wasn't in the right mindest either. Thanks for your encouragement! :)

  • Well done on the run debze. Maybe a combination of the cold weather and you being a bit under par. Were you hydrated and had you eaten?

    If you are getting a cold go easy on yourself, the last wk 8 run can wait, if you need extra rest days.

    Good luck and you are nearing the podium.😊x

  • I had eaten about 15 minutes before I went out, it was only a slice of toast and coffee but I did feel so thirsty during the run too. My next run will be Monday due to work so plenty of time to recover. and thank you! :) x

  • Well done! The odd run can be like that as a newbie, but you did it, just think about how far you've come, makes you feel good in the end! and always make sure your well hydrated.. you shouldn't need any water on c25k just drink enough throughout the day as normal..😊

  • Thank you! And yep I struggled running 60 seconds not so long ago :)

  • As others have said it could just be doing something at a different time or cold coming on.

    also think it is commonly accepted that having a regular routine for eating sleeping etc. is better long term for good health. But even so despite not running at your usual time your body can cope with most things.

    The thing is that you can congratulate yourself that you did it and that you are in the right frame of mind. You still should feel good or perhaps even better than good that you overcome what you were thought was an additional obstacle in running at different time and feeling below par.

    Myself I prefer to run early and on an empty stomach. I do have at least pint or pint and half of water when wake up. I have run at different times but I think experience eventually tells us that it is mainly "mind over matter". Usually no matter what the body can cope with it.

    But also remember and take note as others say that you should always be wary of running if you think you may have a more serious injury and save your body for running another day.

  • Thank you! I won't let it put me off.. I do think it is more than just the gremlins on a morning run as I've had a headache all day. I will try running in the morning again (not tomorrow though lol sometime next week) and see how it goes.

  • Well done on getting out there and completing the run debze :) That's the main thing, you got out there and once out there on your run, you didn't give in. Like the others have said, you should think more of what you've achieved and less on how tough it was. Think back to how you were after week one. :)

    As for the morning running thing..well, I think we are all different and I really have to be in the right frame of mind and I just know I wouldn't be that motivated to run early in the morning if I was doing a regular 9 to 5 type job. (As you might know from my posts, I actually work night shifts and therefore my runs are all over the shop anyway, depending on what day it falls on).

    Also, I successfully completed my first run of week 9 yesterday and I didn't find it as tough as all the runs I did on week 8, so you're not alone there. You could well find your next run just as tough, so prepare yourself...and make a conscious effort to take it more slowly for the first half, then you should find it easier and once into a nice rhythm towards the very end you will be able to pick up the pace, knowing you're almost done.

    All the best with your last run of week 8! :) x

  • Thankyou! I think it is more that I didn't feel so good today rather than morning runs. My work patterns are that I'm either early start at 7.30am or late start at 12 lunchtime. This is the first time I've ran before work but I think I struggled more than I would have normally. I really felt like stopping but was determined to carry on until I fell down lol. I can't believe we are nearly at the end of the plan! only two more runs for you! good luck too! :) x

  • Thanks for that. :) Yeah, just two more runs, I can hardly believe it and you're only just behind me, so you will soon be graduating as well. :)

    I think you're right, it was probably down to feeling a bit under par rather than it being a morning run for a change. You done really well though by not giving in, so well done. All the best with your next one then you'll be joining me in week 9! x

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