Can't thank you all enough

Wow after yesterdays moan that I was getting nowhere and all your positive responses I got back out there this morning.

I Decided to change my route, so I had to go round the lake and therfore couldn't give up and go home as I was stuck over the other side, I did week 2 run 3 but jogged the walks and upped the pace for the 90 second runs. The sun was shining, though it was really cold, & I was determined not to let you, or me, down.

I did 6.2k my farthest distance so far, albeit in 50 minutes but I ran all the way, AND I ran up hills.

So chuffed, I couldn't have done it without you.

Thank you all.

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  • Fantastic. You just needed a little push....feel the love....

  • So much love and inspiration here. Thank you

  • Hell yeah, running hills! Quickest route there is to a beautiful derrière ;)

  • That's what I told myself as I pushed on up lol

  • It's true! Do a few more and see!

  • That's incredible Sue. Well done for gritting your teeth and getting stuck in!

  • I need to catch you up ! Lol thanks for the inspiration

  • oh wow you ran hills :D top marks and well done great run and great effort on your part :D

  • Thank you x

  • Oh dreaded hill, I hate you so. LOL

    Well done Sue. I'm really pleased you got back out there. You'll be so glad you didn't pack in

    Welcome back!

  • Thank you, I did enjoy it too.

  • As we say here ' go on ye girl ye !' Brilliant!! I too have learned to love hills!!

  • Thanks ... don't think I'll ever love hills though ;)

  • Well done! I had a bit of a wobble last week. Moaning about being super slow, feeling rubbish etc. I drew inspiration from here & did much the same as you on Saturday. Feels great eh?

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