Morning all - Nice recovery run with Rico

Still pampering my hamstring. I had a nice run out with Rico keeping me slow by checking out the wildlife, brambles, apples etc. 7.11k at an average pace of 7.42 at 7.24 this morning. I like 7s. Only one trauma today a dead squirrel in the path that I spotted first and walked Rico by it. Last thing I needed would be a struggle to remove a dead squirrel from his jaws ;-)

Hope you all have great runs I feel brilliant with no injuries.

Keep stretching!

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  • Oh the joy of owning dogs! :) So pleased your hamstring's behaving now.

  • Indeed thanks Epicmum

  • I agree that's such a lovely pace.. And well done hope you continue to recover well :)

  • Thanks Juicyju any more runs from Bath to Bristol planned?

  • I'm soooo excited I'm doing the Bristol half marathon tomorrow :)

  • Good luck hope you have a great time

  • Hi GettingFitter - really glad to hear the Hamstring is recovered - sounds like an idyllic run :0

  • Thanks runon less stressful than dodging bombs

  • Great to hear that you're recovered now and taking it easy getting back into it.... sounds a lovely run (besides the dead squirrel)... :)

  • Thanks Aussie hope your ankle is getting better

  • 20K of workout today... not a single bit of it running, but it's getting better! 7 days I reckon... then it's back to it SLOWLY... fingers crossed... :)

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