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Week 3 done

So week 3 is complete, but Ive given up on strength and flex more or less this week but I will get back to it in the future. The combination of running and squats wasnt giving my legs enough rest, so ill restart that program later and just make use of the stretching it taught for now.

Im still making life difficult for myself by having a route that goes up and down, but ive refined it so most of the up is at the beginning that stops me darting off too fast and makes the end seem more manageable as gravity is helping me along.

Struggling with trusting the program going into next week but trying to keep the faith, week 3 to week 4 seems like the biggest leap so far, although im more concerned with the initial 3 minute run than the 5 minute one as it will be almost entirely uphill with only 90 seconds to recover. Got a whole weekend to rest before I need to tackle that one though.

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Well done, you are making great progress! I feel your pain on the hills, I feel like there are no flat routes around me unless I run my own street end to end.

I'm not sure I'd have the energy to do squats at the same time as the running, but hopefully taking a break from that will help with the leap to Week 4!


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