Started running at lunch time as too busy with my two kids (1 and 5) and too cold in the evening. Not my best time but beautiful scenery where I work (Portishead, Bristol).

Did my w8r1 and I managed to do 6.4k in total (4.5k running) so really getting there!!

A very stupid question but when is the actual graduation run? After completing week 9? Is it running for 30 minutes or completing 5k?

Happy running everyone!

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  • You graduate when you have completed week 9 run 3. It doesn't matter if you achieve 5k, for most of us that comes later. You are very nearly there - enjoy the final stretch ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Lovely photo! You graduate when you complete W9R3 (running continuously for 30 minutes) three times. Don't worry about the 5K, you can work on that afterwards.

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