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Had my second evening run since putting the clocks back and tonight was so much better than Monday. After Monday's fiasco of nearly getting run over by a car forcing me to stop for a short while we exchanged pleasantries (NOT!!) I was worrying about future evening runs. However, tonight I tried a different place to run. Stopping off on my way home from work I tried running around the local recreation ground which was better lit and a little more safer feeling than the unlit back roads edging onto open fields that I usually use - albeit a little samey after the 6th time around the perimeter. But I felt great :-) I ran for a little longer than usual and covered 2.6 miles which equates to around 4.18 km. Think that 5k will soon be within my grasp.

I will be using this place again for evening runs.


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  • Good going with the run :-)

    I have some bright yellow reflective gear for dark nights , got it from sports direct as it isn't to expensive.

  • Thanks Mollydex - I've got a reflective jacket and also bought 2 head lights to wear x

  • It is worth investing in some running extras - reflective vest, head torch (I have a great one which only cost twenty pounds and it is rechargeable)

  • Yes, it does sound that you'll be at 5K really soon - well done! I admire anyone who can run in the evening. I really cannot face it after a full day - I am a morning runner myself.

  • you are doing great! :) Running 'laps' can be a bit repetitive - but also it's motivational to know you are running just that wee bit further or faster than last time :)

  • Glad you've found somewhere safe to run :)

  • Well done dereham-girl!

    It sounds like you have this running lark totally cracked! And as you say, it cannot be long now before you also crack that 5k mark. Excellent! :) x

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