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Mo Run Newcastle. First official 5k event but I am loaded with man flu!!

As predicted the one time I wanted to avoid a cold was this week in the build up to my first official sponsored 5k event, guess what I catch? The worst cold I have had in ages.

I'm hoping by Sunday it has gone but any tips for 5k events in the event you have a cold or bad chest? Best things to take or do before the run?

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Oh eck! Not what the doctor ordered but there we are. You have it now so that's it. You can dose yourself up with jollop from the chemist and drink plenty of fluids. Go to bed if you feel like poo as sleep will help you

You can run ok if you have a cold ABOVE the neck. Just take a big hankie!

If it's on your chest then you shouldn't run really but see how you feel. You might feel fine by race day.

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