The simple pleasures 😊

Just been out for my 3rd run this week ( oh yes - I'm back 🏃🏻‍♀️). It's crazy to think that going out on a damp and drizzling autumn morning for a run is quite simply the best way to start a weekend.

I wasn't fast, took a family phone call mid run, had a constant battle with my hooded jacket ( which I tied round my waist) almost tripping me up as it slid down my slippy Lycra clad body. I ended up looping it over my head and under my arm - quite the sight!!!), but I was out there, I've done it and in the words of Mr James Brown ' 🎤 I feel good!!!' ☺️

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  • Go girl go 😀😀👏🏼👏🏼 I agree about a run being a good start to the weekend (went out myself this morning) but if someone had said that to me 6 months ago I would have laughed and sent for the men in white coats !!

  • OldPossum, I know what you mean, I still wait for the men in white coats to jump out and ask me what I think I'm doing!!! 😂

  • Good to have you back :)

  • Irish-John - it's good to be back! Life sometimes gets in the way, I('ve had quite a stressful time with family illness and work pressures) but what I need to remember is that running actually helps with this. '🎤When I'm alone and life is making me lonely, I can always go - for a run!!' As Petula Clark almost said ☺️

  • The woman who runs with the crowd only goes as far as the crowd. The woman who runs alone will go to places otherwise unseen ;) (Einstein,)

  • Deep....:)

  • That's Einstein for you!

  • Great that you're back and remembering how good a run can make you feel!

  • It was a lovely morning for a run wasn't it. Feel so much better & ready for the day now :-) Impressed with your multi tasking.

  • RunningGeek, I can't believe I held a conversation whilst running (albeit very slowly!). It's not that long ago that I could barely breathe and couldn't speak for at least an hour after running for a minute!!! It's truly a surprise to me every time I go for a run, I cannot believe it's me!!! X

  • Well done you.. that whole jacket slip is lethal isn't it ?

    Sounds like a good run.. it is amazing how we just embrace the dampness :) x

  • Is it a bird, is it a plane, no its Superwoman.......... sounds a brilliant run, glad you are back!

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