Getting back on the road

I've not been running for over a week as I had a cold that has taken a while to shift. I was on week 8 and had done one run out of the three. I wonder if I should step back to week 7 and repeat that as it's been a little while? I'm also put off going out in the morning right now as it's so foggy round here. I might try going out this evening after I've picked up the oldest from his workplace. We'll see!

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  • Why don't you start with week 7 - there is no harm in that, and then you will get such a boost from completing. Good luck :)

  • I agree with our ju-ju- .. take it steady at week 7, complete in an enjoyable manner and move on. Well done youx

  • Sounds like a plan. I'm going to get out first thing tomorrow :)

  • I did it, got out of my cosy bed and on the road yesterday in the dark. Ran week 7 again and it was a slog..a very slow slog but I ran all the way. Came home in the dark too, can't wait for the clocks to go back so the mornings might be a little bit lighter!

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