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First 5k race after graduation - advice and tips please?!!

Graduated last week and have got my first 5k race in just over a weeks time. Going off current 'performance' I expect it will take me approx. 35 - 36 minutes but I'm suffering from an achey right hip at present which is a nuisance. Any seasoned 5k runners out there got advice for a newbie?

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Don't start too fast, I tend to stand nearer the back of the group. But more importantly ENJOY and well done on your graduation. :)


Exactly what I was going to say!


35 minutes is a respectable time for a first 5k. As others have said just enjoy it.

If you know the route, it might be worth doing a run there before the race.


Can't beat oldgirls advice so I won't try!

Congrats on graduating and have a great time in the race. I won't say good luck because you know now lucks not in the equation, you've done the work, enjoy the results.


well done on graduating and good luck


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