First 5k race!!

On Sunday I have my first ever 5k race/event! I am a bit scared as I have never ran with other people before, and terrified of being last!! I have run the route several times, most recently was yesterday which I managed in my best ever time of 38mins :-) does anyone have any advice on what exercise to do for the rest of the week leading up to Sunday, and any tips for the day itself? Thanks! Jenn x


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21 Replies

  • Don't be put off by the "super speedies" at the start of the race (and there will be quite a few overtaking you and flying past - annoying!). Remember they have probably been at this running lark for years. You will soon settle down with a group running your own speed. Try and fix on someone just in front of you running at the speed you want to go and try and stick with them when you feel tired. Good luck !

  • Thanks for the great advice, you are right - I have only been running 4months! Finding someone to help pace myself is a good idea, thanks!

  • I totally agree with this advise!

    You know your pace - stick to it. I found that those 'super speedies' actually stopped after just a few minutes into the run and started walking as they had tired themselves out, so I overtook them - ha! :)

  • Go at your pace and not what other want to do, get in to your usual rhythm for breathing etc. Your time looks good so do not start getting worried about where you come. It will be fine and you will have such a buzz for finishing a race. Enjoy and let us know how you do.

  • Thanks. I will let you know how it goes!

  • Just go for it, keep to your pace, your plan.

    Stick to whatever your normal week without a race would be, but maybe give yourself an extra rest day before?

    If you get twitchy do no more than a very gentle jog on Friday.

    You're already ready for this run, you've proved it yourself!

    On the day itself, try not to divert fom your normal routine for a run, ie don't load extra water if you wouldn't normally, kep your usual kit with you. Keep everything as usual as possible.

    And enjoy it! Good luck!

  • Thanks :-) good advice! I have just started running without water as I was using a as a bit of a crutch and didn't really need it... Planning to do a short run today, swim tomorrow and rest Saturday... Fingers crossed it goes well!

  • I did my very first (and only until now) 5K on a Saturday in September. Saturday has always been a run day for me so I did my usual run days in that week (Tuesday and Thursday). I agree with what was said before, don't go off with the speedies. But also be careful not to go with the slower runners. Find your own pace and keep going on that speed.

    What I also found quite disturbing was that a lot of runners started to walk after only five minutes. I was determined to complete the run without any walking breaks (as I was doing for about 3 months at that time) so it confused me a bit. And the temptation to walk is so much bigger when you see others, especially when these runners look very sporty (I didn't give in and this fat former sloth kept running all the time while those sporty chicks had to walk :D )

    Have a lot of fun! If possible, get your own fan club. In my 5K my BF and his parents were the best cheerleaders and motivators I could have had :)

  • Thats really good advice about the slower runners and walkers... I think it would be quite tempting to walk! I know i can run the full distance so need to keep going :-) hoping to enjoy it on the day, just a bit nervous!!

  • Have to agree with everyone here after doing Twilight Race for Life on Friday. I'm still kicking myself for following the crowd and walking when other people were. Stick with what you know and are comfortable with; if you're planning on running in fancy dress, maybe do a training run in that as it does make a difference. Time of day does too - if it's a twilight race, practice one run at that time of night as it is much different to running in daylight- I hadn't really considered the difference till the night itself. Most importantly though, enjoy it - sprint across the finish line if you can as it's a great feeling! Good luck!

  • I too am doing the twilight Race for Life tomorrow. But I will be one of those wimps alternating running and walking as officially it is my Run 1 of Week 4. I think I will have to play the run twice to complete 5K and am really not sure I will be able to do it, but am feeling stupidly excited!

  • You'll love it and be fab! Try a run in the dark before Saturday if you can as it can be a disorientating at first! Good luck :)

  • Good luck! Well impressed you are doing this so early on in the programme! You will manage it easily, even if you have to walk more than you plan to. You are not a wimp at all, just someone at the start of their running life ;-)

  • Thank you muzikalbadger and mummystar. I shall think ogf you cheering me on when it gets tough!

  • Thanks mummystar :-) i picked this race because it is at my local park and at a time of day I normally run, and I have practiced the route several times now so I should be Ok! I never considered there would be people slower than me and runners that would walk parts of it, I was too worried about the fast guys - so its good to be able to mentally prepare myself to keep going :-)

  • If you are doing 38 minutes on your own for the 5k, then you will, a) be faster when running with others, and b), unless they are all super-human, you will not be last with that time.

    Look at Parkrun times and you will see that 38 isn't a bad time at all; in fact it's a pretty good time. Some take upto an hour.

    GOOD LUCK, and let us know how it goes.

  • Thanks! That's really encouraging, and of course I will let everyone know how it goes :-)

  • I fear I may be one of those who take an hour. But at least i will do it, which I would not have dreamed of doing this time last year. Good luck in your quest for a good time. I'm sure you will beat your last effort :-)

  • I dream of doing it in an hour ~ so far it has taken me 50 years!

    One day... one day..

  • Thank you all for your advice! Its in 3 hours time!! Will let you know how it goes :-)

  • I did mine on Friday in 38 minutes which completely amazed me!!! I just know you will exceed your expectations too :-) Just keep to your own plan and ignore what everybody around you is doing.

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