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Have just come back from W6R1 and thank goodness I read the comments on here first. Instead of going off all gung ho as it was back to 5 minutes, I kept it reasonably steady, especially the 8 minute section. It was harder than I felt it should be having run for 20 minutes on Friday but I completed it and will be doing W6R2 on Wednesday. Thanks for all the tips and encouragement everyone. X P.S. when did everyone start to see a weight loss?????


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  • You won't see a weight loss yet! Crikey it's not magic! Weight loss takes time. Also it depends on you and what you're eating in relation to the amount of calories burned. Keep running regularly and eating healthily and the weight will come off. You don't need any extra grub while doing C25k, so if you are careful about making sensible choices, then you should see a shift at the scales before too long. The body has to adjust. Be patient.

    Meanwhile keep running the sessions, slow but sure. No gung-ho required you'll be relieved to know

    Have fun!

  • Well done JA13. Week 6 is stamina building. Start your runs nice and slowly and you will have some energy left for the end. You're probably finding you are recovering quicker now during the walk section like Laura says...

    Once you start doing the 30 minute runs you will notice some toning and shape changing, but eating a healthy nutritious diet is still required for proper weightloss.

    Go you..good luck with W6 R2.😊

  • Weight loss, is not guaranteed... I put weight on when i did C25K, which was good, for me.. it does tone and tighten though...I know some folk lose weight, but a lot don't.

    Healthy eating as misswobble says, in conjunction with regular exercise and your running will get results, ultimately, but not immediately.

    Carry on, slow and steady...:) well done!

  • Well done JA13. You're doing great and did the right thing with the run by going steady all the way through. It has caught a few people out in the past and I myself was almost a victim but I (just) scraped through. :)

    I haven't noticed any weight loss yet but I wasn't exactly obese to start with. I just have that usual middle age spread on my belly which I reckon will only disappear when I have been running longer the periods for a while (and stop snacking, and eating too many chips, and lounging around, and...)

    Anyway, all the best for your next run. Don't forget on run 3 this week it's back to running without any walks in between. 25 minutes non-stop. Oh lord, that's my next run! :o

  • Thanks. Should have said I am also doing slimming world so am eating a low fat/healthy diet. It must just be the wine!!!

  • I'm at SW too but have stayed the same past couple of weeks, don't mind as also have stopped smoking I'm sure it will start to fall off once I stop picking !!! Running leaves it easier to make herby choices but sometimes I reward myself after a good run 😆

  • Muscle weighs more than fat..honestly, they told us that at Rosemary Conley classes.😊

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