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Milestone day W8R1

Been doing this for a while now, and reading what you all post so about time I joined in as I have something to say, or rather to celebrate. After 6months of C25K (and yes on week 8, this programme bends the laws of time) I have finally had the first run I can honestly say that I enjoyed, and to make it even better it was my first 5k run (5.07km). I wanted to be enjoying running before winter sets in as if it's chore I know I'll not do it so really chuffed that this could be the start of something.

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Well done. I really enjoyed the Week 8 runs. A real achievement, you should be so proud. 👏🏼


Well done that is indeed something to celebrate! Keep up the good work - and remember the feeling from that good run, it will help you plough through those that are, shall we say, less good!


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