Today was a day of milestones for me. I have been successfully controlling my weight for 10 months. In that time I have managed to work off, as of a weigh in today, 8 stone, That's the first milestone. The second to happen was my completing w9r3 of the C25K plan. I can't believe I'm here.

I had a little crazy turn 9 weeks ago when I saw the podcasts for the couch to 5k plan....I downloaded it and did w1r1. I was knackered. Prior to this, I wouldn't have run to catch a bus, literally! I Didn't think I would ever see w9r3 however, there must have been some of the determination I used to loose the first 7 stone left cause, in my infinite wisdom I registered for the 5k at the Edinburgh Marathon Festival(everything in Edinburgh is a festival!) on 24th May.

Today during my 30 minute run I did 5.31k!!!!

My next 2 and a half weeks will be spent going to the area the course will be run in and practising the course that I'll run on the day for two of my runs and running the third, perhaps working on speed a little on the coast where I live. The course has way more uphill than I've done before now, being that I live beside the seaside.

Lots of people say "You must feel so much better for loosing the weight!" and I can honestly say that 10 weeks ago I said "not really, no." The only thing that has made me feel better is this programme. I can't believe that the progress I have made is possible and I extol the virtues of the NHS couch to 5k plan to anyone who will listen.

This is the first post I've made in here but I've been lurking about reading others posts for a few weeks and it's been really helpful.

So, thanks, to all you guys, for the encouraging words and the online support that got me here. I've a couple of stone to go and I'm going to continue to build up the distances I run.

I've added a before picture here, taken on 21 June 13.

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  • Oh wow Moagie you are a star. Totally well done for everything. You have done incredibly well to have lost so much weight. It has taken me since July 2012 to lose four stone and the last two stone are very slow going for me despite the running. I so agree with you about the running making you feel different even more than the weight loss. Its a whole new way of life isn't it. Congratulations and happy running, you have already got a fabulous time.

  • Congratulations on both counts - the 'after ' picture looks fab - you must be feeling amazing. Don't forget to ask fr our graduate badge - you've earned it girl!

  • Wow! That is awesome. YOU are awesome! Congratulations and well done you! :)

  • Bloody well done thats what I say!! You are an inspiration to all of us, you look fantastic, you should be really proud of yourself. Yes I too have become a C25K guru telling everyone about it and have managed to get three people to run by posting on Facebook. Keep up the good work - go girl!!

  • Well done Moagie. Inspirational post and thank you for sharing. Good luck with the Edinburgh 5k.

  • You are amazing !!

  • Wow! Wow! Wow! As someone who has struggled with her weight for what seems like forever you have completely inspired me to stick at it! Well done to you for your amazing achievements, both the weight loss and the C25k. Good luck on the 24th! You'll be AMAZING! xx

  • Wow! You look fabulous now! So healthy amd I don't think you need to lose any more weight at all. Congratulations to you on all scores. You get full marks! Xxx

  • Gosh Moagie - you should get an inspiration prize - reading the posts and just getting out there completing the runs. I'm sure signing up for the 5K was the best thing you could have done - another challenge for you to go ahead and achieve. Keep on "savouring the moment" as Laura says - it tastes so good!!

  • Well done, you look absolutely fantastic and so fit and healthy too. An inspiration to all. Good luck with your run. As said before, you don't look like you need to loose more, you look so great now.

  • You look fit, healthy and athletic. Your before and after photos should be put up in doctors surgeries all over the country alongside a poster advertising C25K. Well done Moagie. As others have said. you're an inspiration!

  • Fantastic post Moagie which I am sure will encourage lots of people to keep up the programme and graduate. You should be so proud of yourself and of all you have achieved. Best of luck with the 5k run.

  • Wow, that brought a tear to my eye - fantastic, well done you!

  • Wonderful post Moagie... You gave done so well! You look absolutely fantastic and getting over the 5k in 30 minutes is pretty speedy too. You are an inspiration :)

    Is the 5k around Arthur's seat? If it is just remember that yes, are a few longish steepish inclines, but there are also plenty of downhills to compensate ! Have fun :)

  • It is the route round Arthur's Seat, yes! The hill is a little scary but I'll nail it, I'm determined to!

  • Hello - congratulations on becoming a C25k graduate and your weight loss. You are one determined lady! Thank you for sharing.

  • Holy sh*t, you look amazing! Huge congratulations on all your achievements, what an inspiration :) xx

  • That is brilliant Moagie. So uplifting! Lots and lots of luck with your run and ongoing training and what an advert for c25k you are!

  • Wonderful achievement! You put lots to shame. Keep it up!

  • This must be one of the most inspiring posts I have ever read on here.

    I applaud you. What you have done is truly amazing.

    Give yourself a giant pat on the back, and good luck for all your future runs.

  • Hi

    You are AMAZING! Good luck with the 5k race/festival. I am in week 8 so just over a week to go and I am also hoping to enter a 5k race for life in June. I hope you continue with the running - please post and let us know how you get on.

  • Brilliant, well done!

    An award for willpower for you, I think.

  • Wow Moagie, huge congratulations on your achievements! Good luck with the Edinburgh 5K!

  • Congratulations Moagie, that is amazing! You look absolutely fantastic, and I've no doubt that you feel it too. Good luck with your race, and thank you for giving us all amotivational boost. Brilliant! :)

  • A brilliant post and so inspiring. I'm still struggling with my own weight and this has really given my motivation a kick start again. Well done on graduating and I'm glad you decided to stop lurking and join us - welcome! Good luck with your Edinburgh run - you've come a long way in a short time and done so well. My very best wishes to you.

  • What an inspiring post. Congrats to you and best wishes in the 5k!

  • Amazing post, thank you for the inspiration! The other posts have already said it all but you must be so incredibly proud of your achievements.

    All the very best to you for the journey!

  • Brilliant. You are so right that it isn't about weight lost but about fitness gained.

  • Wow Moagie, that is fantastic, well done. You must be feeling rightly proud of your achievements. Enjoy your Edinburgh 5k and your post grad runs x

  • Amazing!! What an achievement and very inspiring.

  • Wow, Moagie you are a superstar! I am inspired! You have made me believe I can lose the weight I need to lose. Good luck with the big run xx

  • What an inspirational post. Well done. You are amazing

  • Amazing just doesn't cover it. Your achievement is breathtaking. Thank you for posting.

  • Congratulations! What a great story!

  • You look fantastic!!!! You have had one heck of a journey and I hope you are very proud of your achievements. Good luck with the rest of training and your race, heres to many more! :) x

  • Wow, what a great story and fantastic achievement. A massive well done ;)

  • Wow,you look fab should be very proud of what you've achieved. Your story was a joy to inspirational :)

    Congratulations on your graduation,enjoy your running and the Edinburgh 5K x

  • Holy crap on a cracker ! :-) You should be so proud of yourself , you are amazing ! Well done, you are an inspiration, you've done it all through hard work and determination. I wish you every success on your journey, and thank you for sharing your story xxx

  • Well done! A real motivation, just reading your post.

  • Well done doesn't really seem to cover your amazing success. You should be so proud of yourself and your accomplishments. Thank you so much for sharing your inspirational story. You must be tall as you don't look 8 stone overweight to me in your photo. Could I be cheeky and ask for an after photo too???

  • Hi Laurae, My profile pic is an after. However, once I've done that 5km on 24th I'll post another wee update with a picture too!

  • Wow you look fantastic!!!!!!

  • Really well done!!! Your story is amazing!!! I found this site 6 weeks ago and like you I love it and tell everyone about it . It really is inspirational

    Well done, keep it up and good luck with your run!!

    Best regards


  • Fantastic. Well done you. Very inspirational and motivational. Go you.

  • You see, this is what I'm talking about. A community full of lovely people. Thank you all for your kind words!

  • Amazing!I just want to echo the congratulations from the other posts. Well done you on this journey that you have been on and so great you have enjoyed the running! Truly motivational to others.

  • AMAZING Moagie. A true inspiration. I managed to lose 4 stone on SW 2 years ago, and the weight has started creeping back on so I decided exercise was the way forward and started my mission on C25K. I am at W6 and have completed R2, I have R3 on Saturday. I really need to get my head back into gear and lose some weight. The C25K has halted the weight gain, I now need to get myself to stop eating bad foods. Well done on your achievements thus far and good luck for your first 5k race! You go girl :-) x


    Have a look at this for help with weight loss.

  • wow!!..fantastic..such an amazing achievement

    enjoy your Edinburgh Race

    congratulations again..well done ..xx

  • First of all congratulations on an amazing weight loss What great achievement .I am doing 5k as well on sat Didn't realise you were from edinburgh area Am really sorry as I have just read your post as maybe we could have met up before to practise the run up Arthur's seat ! I have had few ups and down last month so training not going as well as expected but at least once we get to top downhill should be bit easier. Good luck

  • wow! you know moagie, someone sent me your blog for inspiration. Your before picture is me now. i started the couch to 5k about 4 weeks ago. in that time i have lost 1st and 2lbs, i have another 8 to lose. so seeing your after picture, has really helped me! in fact your journey is inspirational. i am just really trying to control what i eat. if there is anything in your diet (change of lifestyle) that could perhaps help me. please let me know. i have cut down on my carbs to 40 -60g a day. ( i will reintroduce more of these in my weight maintenance stage). i have replace fizzy drinks with water. i am taking the couch to 5k very slowly. i did week 1 over 3 weeks, and thinking about doing week 2 over 2 weeks. so yeah! you go girl! you look amazing!!!

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