W5R3: Yes We can! and who used strength and flex?

I'm not going to win any medals for speed, but this week I did a bit of podium worthy anxiety over this run. And I made it, because the plan works. So here's another slightly baffled lifetime non-runner enjoying the buzz. I've now got a question. I saw the Strength and Flex podcasts on the NHS site. I wonder if anyone has used these & what they thought? Were they useful? Any thoughts welcome.


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10 Replies

  • They are good but for me a little too structured and complicated. However, strength and flex exercises have helped me a lot, kept my knees moving well and avoid injury. Give it a try

  • I downloaded the first podcast and did it a couple of times. I think the exercises would be useful if i persisted with them but there's a lot of walking around between exercises and it's not always possible to find a suitable height tree, rail etc. I'd rather do the exercises in the privacy of home!

  • I did them at home.. used a chair, and the sides of the wardrobe as a substitute tree.. the walking you can do on the spot:)

  • Well done PatentlyD on successfully completing week 5 run 3. I dreaded that run! :)

  • I did the strength and flexibility podcast programme. It was a bit harder than C25K to organise somehow and I eventually moved to doing it at home, walking round and and round, because of the need for 'props' at particular points. It is surprisingly challenging but like the running, builds up gradually.

    In practice however, my regular 'strength and flexibility' work is yoga. I found Ekhart Yoga on YouTube, liked a lot of their stuff and now have a subscription to the website.

    I am glad I did the NHS podcast programme though.

  • I agree with you, and like you, do Yoga too!

  • Loads of us have used and continue to use them... they are great, on your rest days and linked in with the C25K programme.

    They do, many us find, keep you supple and really help strengthen, under-used muscles... also useful after an injury or to prevent an injury getting worse. :)

    Well done on overcoming the pesky mind Gremlins... speed. just forget until after Graduation. Stamina and enjoyment are what we are aiming for :)

  • Is there anywhere you can get a summary of the exercises on the podcast rather than listening to the whole thing? I am trying to use those sort of exercises but although I found the podcast really helpful for the running, it was less so with the exercises.

  • I haven't seen this podcast but have been running for over 40 years. It is very important to warm up before a run. Gentle stretching of the calves and achilles, some lunges and a general cardio warm up I find sufficient. Warming up in the kitchen does me. Pity the weather is cooler as we now need to put on more layers.....roll on spring and good luck.

  • Loads of us here have used it! It's with the lovely Laura so you're on familiar territory if you ran C25k programme with her voice over. You can see her video clips of S & F on the NHS livewell site, if you've not done so already. She does all the moves which helps if you have no idea about this stuff, which I hadn't

    I did it outside, by a little kids park where there were plenty of railings to hang on to and a bench.

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