Strength and flex

Any other takers for strength and flex? I've done week 1 day 1 today. Seemed fairly easy, but I'll do it a couple more times before I move onto week 2.

I had to be a bit inventive with 'trees' and 'benches' as I did it indoors, so used doorframes and chairs instead. I had a go a few weeks ago, but didn't download the podcasts and then forgot about it again, but I really think I need something to do on alternate days when I'm not running. I've now managed to download them, but can't find the cable to put them on the ipod, so I'll have to do them indoors until it turns up!

Another pretty badge to aim for now, too! (I don't think that's the real motivation, but maybe it pushed me just enough to go and actually do it.) Thanks!

Anyone else coming to join in - it's a bit quiet over there. I suppose it's not quite as exciting as measuring running.


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11 Replies

  • I did start that, also indoors but only did it a couple of times, not so easy to stay motivated. Good luck, keep going.

  • I'll take a look. Do you think I could do any of it without putting too much pressure on my knee?


  • Well, you might want to go easy on the knee bends and squats, but I think the rest would be ok?

  • Well I'm starting Week 2 of the strength and flex programme today and I have also been doing it indoors using chairs for bench, wall for tree and window grills for railings. I agree with you on the motivation part - these exercise don't give you the kind of adrenaline rush that running does, but it is still important to stick to it.

    My physiotherapist friend keeps warning me that if I keep running without doing my stretches, my knees are going to suffer in the long term! I'm planning to do my session under her supervision today, to see if I'm doing the exercises right.

    I'd suggest, if possible, do your posture practice, knee bends and squats in front of a mirror at least as long as you're doing it indoors.

  • Is it ok to do s&f (sounds kinky ;)) alongside c25k? I'd like to give it a go on non running days x

  • Hi,

    We've just introduced a new 'Graduate' badge for Strength and Flex users. The 5-week plan is great for increasing strength, toning up and using on days when your not running.

    Good luck!

  • I'm starting to give serious consideration to doing this myself.

  • I found the podcasts the other day through a link from here, but was at work (me using the work's computer for personal stuff? Never!) so couldn't do anything about it, you've just reminded me. All I need to do now is figure out if I can load them onto my phone or whether I need to interrupt my audiobook on my ipod.

  • I did start strength and flex a while ago but found it a bit difficult indoors. All that walking about. I have been thinking about returning to it but can't bare the thought of being seen in the park randomly leaning on trees and railings like a mad woman! Maybe get the buff out and wear it like a balaclava?

  • Great idea but I'm sticking with my Davina DVDs indoors and my weights and find that very effective at toning and strengthening - plus I can be a mad woman in private rather than in the public eye!! :D


  • I agree that the walking about bit isn't ideal indoors - but I too am shy of looking weird outside! Well, weirder than running.

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