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Evening everybody,

I'm Emily and also part of the NHS weight loss forum too! I'm nearly 25 and have just got myself to just under 16 stone and I have just completed my first run of the first week for the couch to 5k. I'm feeling quite proud of myself for actually getting out and doing it! However, I'm having a few issues with confidence. I literally want to disappear when I see a car or somebody walking in my line of vision. I don't know if it's an embarrassment thing or what, but how on earth can I get past that?! I ran in the same loop over and over, the quietest part of the town I could find, dimly lit etc.

Hope you're all having a lovely evening x


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  • Well done Emily. I think lots of people feel like that at the beginning. I did, for sure. I was quite glad that it was February and I could go out in the dark evenings and kid myself on that I was really invisible! But I kept telling myself that (a) who cares what anyone thinks? and (b) I was still lapping everyone on the couch. Go for it and you'll soon find you are so happy to see yourself getting fitter and stronger that you'll not care who is looking.

  • Hi AnneDroid,

    I figured if I started running now, by the time summer came around, I would feel much more confident running in daylight! But you're all right. It shouldn't and doesn't matter. I'm doing the right thing by getting out there and bettering my life, although I'm not sure my legs will thank me in the morning πŸ˜‚

  • Welcome..and well done!

    The hardest bit is are out there πŸ™‚

    Slow,steady and follow the programme. Confidence, can be tough..but...folk probably won't even give you a on the run..head step at a time.

    We are right here with you...keep posting and remember,

    "Confidence is the best outfit. Rock it and totally own it"

  • Hi Oldfloss, what a great quote. I will remember that! Thanks for your support :)

  • Hi Emily , I completely understand your insecurity but like most people say who gives a sh1t, your doing it, I started in the dark on our own driveway , I'm now week 5 and have ran in several parks , while I'm self conscious my confidence is growing ive even done a few overtaking manouvers😁.I've explored other routes also and I'll soon venture out locally as stamina/technique has improved and I've a few routes plotted for distance .

    I live in the country ,a small village where everybody knows me but I'm moving more than they are , keep going girl it's such a good feeling completing each run you'll soon gain more confidence xx

  • Fantastic effort Cuig1975, you sound like you're really starting to find your stride πŸ™‚ Looking forward to continuing my running journey and it's great having support from others in the same boat!

  • Its like when you see someone you just wanna run a different direction - its getting easier I'm on week 2 done 5 runs and starting to get used to the fact people deal with it! I too are running to loose weight got alot to shift.... keep at it!

  • That's exactly how I felt! We can do this together, good luck to you! Are you on the weight loss forum too? I've joined the Monday weigh ins for extra motivation if this might interest you πŸ™‚

  • First of all Emily well done for getting out there for your first run & also losing the weight 😊🌟good on you!! Im 59 & -also trying to lose weight 10.5lbs off so far! I was same & run where its quiet but the more you run the more you stop caring what folk think i just keep telling myself im at least out there trying hard to get fit & healthy & more people sitting at home wishing they had the courage to do just what you & me are doing!! So forget everyone else this is for you!! Be real proud of yourself! & keep on running just think of how great you will feel & the sense of achievement you will gain when you are done 😊😊🌟🌟 enjoy your success x Phyllis

  • Thank you Pc59 and well done to you on your weight loss so far! I'm looking forward to the success for sure :) onwards and upwards and weight hopefully downwards!! πŸ˜‚

  • You are in the road to success 😊🌟🌟& weight will fall off with running good luck EmilyπŸ‘X

  • It's one of the most common factors here - this fear of those I term 'smirkers'. Believe it or not though - the longer you run the more YOU will be laughing at THEM :) After a while you will feel so darn good about yourself and enjoy running so much you will almost feel sorry for them. Read as many posts here from Graduates early days and you will see exactly what I mean :)

    Personally at this stage, I imagine them gasping for just one more breath in the Cardiac Unit while I still run my merry way for years and years and years :)

    And CONGRATULATIONS! - you have done the hardest run of all, that first one. :)

  • Thank you Irish-John, your comment made me laugh! I'll be sure to check out the graduates earlier posts!

  • Welcome Emily and well done on starting this brilliant programme.

    I think a lot of people felt like that at the beginning. I know for my first few runs I dressed in big black baggy clothes in an effort to make myself invisible! But here's the thing.

    The more you run the more confidence it brings. You are doing something amazing for your body and in time you'll want to get out there and you'll not give a stuff about others. When you really look at folks out there you'll notice the vast majority are way too interested in themselves and their own lives to notice us runners. The few who do notice are more than likely to look at you with admiration because they know how hard it is!

    So keep at it, run proudly and post here often. And enjoy it!

  • I was in the baggiest old gap t shirt I had in my wardrobe and it was freezing when I left the house! By the time I had finished I was roasting! I'm looking forward to the confidence coming, the more I run. I was running past people's living room windows wishing I could close my eyes! πŸ™ˆ

  • Thanks very much folks! I'll be sure to update on my progress, I'm sure practice makes (almost) perfect so I'll just keep going and try to ignore the non existant stares! It was so daunting but I'm glad I've started for sure. Back out tomorrow as I'm busy all of Saturday and want to get my three runs in for the week by Sunday. Then a fresh week starting Monday!

  • To be honest most people only give a quick glance only because movement is passing them - they don't even register what they're seeing. Anyone that looks any longer is probably either intrigued or jealous. Running is 100% about you, for you. Try not to worry about the others.

  • Congratulations for taking the first step of what will be an incredible journey. C25K was a revelation for me, but not in the way I expected. The physical aspect of it, putting one foot in front of the other at a speed other than walking after 28 years of activity, was surprisingly easy compared to the complete mental adjustment it sparked off. It is a whole new mindset, and the resulting self-confidence and detachment it has provided from what other people think is nothing short of stellar. It's all in our heads, in fact - as RWD says, most people don't notice you, let alone pass judgement. And even if they do, what do you care? You'll never see them again, and even if you do, YOU are the one who is making the effort to get in charge of your life. So keep going, keep us posted and don't tread water because you're scared that other people won't like the way you swim, or this time next year you'll still be in the same place.

  • I also did my first run yesterday :)

    I have some woods behind my house (which I only discovered had signposted walking routes earlier this year!), so I ran there and only met 3 people - all during running times!! The only one who even acknowledged me was a cyclist!

    Let's both try not to worry about what we look like and focus on the getting fit part - it's going to help both!!!

  • Hi Emily

    Well done on starting your journey. I'll be doing W3R3 tomorrow and like the majority on here started running in the dark but then thought sod it, it's my life and my decision to change it, so I went out and bought the brightest running clothes I could. If they want to look at me let them, I'll just give them a wave as I run on past!

    Good luck!

  • Hi Emilymay1992

    Well done you, you might just have inspired me to start, been thinking about it for ages but never seem to have the energy to get started but got hypothyroid sorted now so think now may be the time to do it.

  • Go for it Jay23! You'll be glad you did. :)

  • Hi Emily,

    I think you've done really well to start the C25K programme, and as so many people have already said, don't worry about other people. To be honest, before I started the programme and I saw people out running or running and walking I was always a little envious that they could make the effort to run when I could think of nothing worse.

    I started my running at the gym and was a little self conscious and more recently I've been running or walking (got to week 8 and had to start again due to surgery) outside. I love it outside, and despite now having to run in quite a strange way, I really don't care about the golfers (I run past a golf course), the dog walkers, mummies with buggies or even the group of youths smoking dope(!!!) I passes the other day. I find listening to the Laura on the podcasts keeps me focussed, so I hardly notice them anyway.

    You doing a great thing so keep focused and don't bother about anyone else.

    Keep smiling.

  • Well done for starting the programme. Slow and steady and you will make good progress. Trust the programme and remember that no one pays attention to runners.

  • Hi Emily, I'm a bit late to the party but I get what you're saying. The thing is looking back I'm not sure I noticed any runners until I started thinking about taking up running. Then I started looking at them; their clothes, trainers, headwear etc. If I was going to take up running then I wanted to know what to do, what to wear and generally looking for inspiration I suppose. With hindsight they probably gave me the motivation to take up running and in no way was I looking at them thinking anything else. Even now I look at runners but the reasons are still the same and I'm sure other runners will think likewise.

    I know it seems a long way off and you'll be dreading being seen "in public" but you might just encourage another person to take up running.

    I hope you keep it up and keep us updated. All the best.

  • Hi there Emilymay1992! :)

    I totally agree with what others have already said in that we all experience that feeling of everyone looking at us when we're out running (I know I do), but you've taken the hardest decision in actually getting out there and doing something about your fitness. Follow the plan and you will be a lot healthier in a few months time. You have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of and in fact you ought to be proud of yourself if anything! :) Most of my routes take me past houses and offices and although people do watch me (slowly) jog past (panting as go!) I'm sure they are actually thinking to themselves 'gosh, I wish I could do that!'

    I would just like to add...I really hope you don't try and do too much too soon (and go too fast when you run) as it will make you tired far too quickly. Don't forget, you're not racing against anyone and you don't want any injuries, so take it as slow as you possibly can and make sure you get plenty of rest days between your runs, they really are just as important!

    Anyway, well done for starting C25K and good luck with the rest of the plan. I'm not that far ahead of you, and if I go any slower you'll probably overtake me one of these days! :D x

  • Well done for taking the hardest steps - getting out of the house! Many of us here have experienced exactly those feelings. I still sometimes panic when I see a lot of people, I run along the Promenade and find the gremlins pop out when there's a group of people ahead, I think I try to go faster, then my breathing goes to pot! It's hard but do try to ignore passers by, no one is really looking at us, so don't listen to those gremlins!

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