Is it a bird? it a plane?!'s a lesser spotted flying Madge! πŸ˜„

Is it a bird? it a plane?!'s a lesser spotted flying Madge! πŸ˜„

Yeee Haah! At last three and a half years on, I finally have it, a photo with both feet off the ground! My work is done βœ…

This was near the finish line (eyes on the prize!) at the Cambridge Town and Gown 10k that I did with Curlygurly2 on Sunday in the lovely wind and rain....😬

I am sooooo happy with this photo, it's been a long time coming πŸ˜„ Like, like, like, like.....

Actually, no my work is not done, I'm now going to have to keep going and collect more elusive photos like this.......bling is very important as we know πŸ˜‰, but I now have try to perfect my levitation you do.....

And the HM? Entries opened today.......and I'm in.....πŸ˜±πŸƒπŸΌ Cambridge half in March, here I come......

Happy days, happy running all!

Mx πŸ€—


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53 Replies

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  • I LOVE your leggings! Wherever did you get them!?! And well done!

  • Thank you very much. The leggings come from a site called Lotus Leggings - America via China....they are more 'fashion' than 'sport' leggings, and being from Asia, you do need to be aware you may need a bigger size than you think.......(I'm quite tall - a tip from my daughter who loves whacky leggings)


  • Brilliant, thanks! I'll need to get a pair, Space Invaders is fab!

  • This one fantastic photo... Madgicus Levitas :) A rare and very showy bird :) ( The plumage,the leggings)

    Well done you, what a brilliant race and a brilliant time. :) Go you x

  • You're just fab Floss, thank you so much. I am so, so happy with that pic, daft isn't it?


  • Not daft at all.. it is things like that that make us what we to treasure definitely and the first of many! :)

  • Well Done Madge50. :-)

  • Thank you very much


  • Praise where praise is due. :-)

  • Great stuff Mary, all mine look like I'm speed walking, and what awful faces I'm pulling! Looks like I'm being tortured in every one...or're really getting a shift on!

  • Well I had a plan coming up to the a) try and keep a smile plastered on my face and b) channel my inner prancing pony..... poppypug knows all about that....πŸ˜‰


  • inner prancing poney. LIKE. I will put it away with this week's other cool term, "cockwomble".

  • Very impressive - well done 🌟

  • Thank you very much


  • Fabulous picture! Floating like a butterfly (and some serious colour co-ordination going on there too) :)

  • Thanks McFitty, Town and Gown have an orange theme, my parkrun top was the nearest I had too it, so to join in.......πŸ˜„


  • # She flies like a bird in the skyyyyyyyyy..... #

    Oh Madge, you look amazingly gorgeous, look at you go Missus ! :-)

    Really Well done, and I am so so pleased that you have finally achieved your dream of a photo with both feet off the ground, I always remember you writing " One day, one day " and here you have it ! :-)

    Get it on the mantelpiece Madge in all its glory . Absolutley brilliant !

    Oh and you've got your HM entry in too, fab ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks pops, it's the same company that does the HM, they're usually pretty good (OH did this one last year and got good pics) I've actually got about four 'flying' ones, this is one of the best of them.

    Yep, in for the HM, no going back now...., (whispers quietly.....I've actually signed up for another one, as partners the 10miler I did a couple of weeks ago - will be next October...)😬😱😬😱😬

    I need to go and lock myself in a cupboard now, to stop signing up for any one more 10k in a couple of weeks....and that's it.....for this year anyway......πŸ˜„


  • I've got my eye on 2 HM's next year n'all !

    Ha ha what is happening to us ? :-D xxx

  • Well I now understand mountaineers who say they climb mountains 'because it's there'.....

    I do think there is some kind of conspiracy with a fat (thin) controller......πŸ˜„

    The Truman show etc., or we are all just brains in vats......

    Who cares, I love it! πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ


  • Me too ! :-D xxx


  • Brilliant! Don't stop now!!

  • Hooray! Great facial expression too!

  • Well done on your HM jammy, great stuff!


  • Thank you 😁

  • Go, Madge, go!!!!

  • Thanks Ian, that doesn't mean it was fast though! πŸ˜„


  • Fab photo Madge and definitely one worth waiting for. You can retire now. Not. 😊

  • Thanks IP, ha, ha, no, I will have to have more pics now.....bling and flying.....😁

    Do a Dory....just keep running......just keep running....πŸ˜„


  • You are flying! Wow. Great photo! And a HM in March. I will be following your progress closely.

  • Thanks Iben, I'm already really excited, was so nervous applying for the HM place, they sell out very, very I feel really chuffed just to get in!

    I have a sneaky feeling the time is going to whizz by......😬


  • I'm sure you will be ready on the day! You are doing so well. And you fly. Most of us mortals just plod.

  • There's a chap at our park run who flies about two feet in air when he runs, stick man, Mo Farah sort. (He's usually first too)

    I'll take that little couple of centimetres chink of light that take a nano second.....its still running πŸ˜„


  • Oh well done Made! Yep they are deffo off the ground 😊

    Love the tights!

    Good news about the half marathon ☺

  • Thanks miss w, it's funny, there seems to be a group of us moving on up together on these distances......I think the 10 miler really helped my confidence, and if I can do that.......πŸ˜„


  • - and so you should be happy, that's a great picture.

  • Thank you very much πŸ˜„


  • Fab picture! full of energy, and BOTH FEET IN THE AIR? I always thought DΓ©cathlon photoshopped their photos, and now you've proved me wrong. I have photos of me with both feet on the ground - make me look like a total fake. Congrats for signing up for the HM - you'll have it done and dusted in style, albeit on your hover board.

  • Thanks mfam,

    I think they had the cameras on 'sport' mode, they take loads of pictures, if you run them in sequence it's like one of those flip books - not for the feint hearted...😳 As it's in slow mo....not so pretty!


  • Ha ha! Well done. I know exactly what you mean; I was really disappointed by photos that made me look as if I was standing still whilst I felt I was running like the wind, and certainly my beetroot face must have indicated some sort of exertion. I obviously have to keep trying. Well done, but don't return to the couch in celebration!

  • Thanks,

    No, I couldn't stop now, I've come too far, and it's taken so long! πŸ˜„


  • Great photo Madge! and fantastic you have entered the HM! :) curly too??

  • Thanks aliboo, well I had an 'earlybird' entry, Curlygurly2 any more thoughts on it........😬 fancy it?


  • Super picture...Madge in full flight (I mean stride) πŸ˜„ you do look very determined and superfit. Go you x

  • Thank you very much


  • I like your style. Great photo.

  • Thank you, I cant believe how happy it's made me 😁, daft really!


  • Wow fantastic! Love the "inner prancing pony" I hope one day to upgrade my "inner plodding cart horse"!

  • A cart hoss!, I'm still a cart hoss, the prancing pony only turns up when the camera appears.....πŸ˜‰


  • Impressive lift-off! Inner prancing pony well in evidence. Von99 the inner plodding cart horse is just so apt for me :-D

  • Yes, I keep checking that chink of light is still there, still can't quite believe it!


  • You look great - feet in the air and cool leggings on top of an air of contentment and determination. Nice photo!

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