Anyone get red as a reddish while running?

I just started the challenge but I know from experience that if I go more than I'm used to, my face gets so red I look like a lobster by the end of it. Disclaimer: I have fair skin AND a little bit of acne.

I don't stress over it but I'm wondering if it goes away in time or if it's some kind of reaction. It looks like a histamine reaction, but may be because I'm pushing myself. Thoughts?

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  • Yes at first I was as red as a post box after 'running'. And the bad thing was it took hours to fade!!

    The good news is as I've got used to it over a few weeks (got fitter?), the redness has lessened. I still go red, but not to the point where onlookers might ring me an ambulance!

    Don't worry about it, the reaction will lessen over time. I noticed the other day that I am not sweating as much either. When I first started this program, after a session I looked like I'd been swimming in my clothes! Now I just have wet patches lol...

  • I'm on week 8 now and still closely resemble a huffing tomato during and for a while after my runs. Just think of the good all that extra oxygen and blood supply does for your skin ;-)

    J x

  • Me!!! It got a bit better (at least I think so) but I could still work as a lighthouse during and up to one hour after a run. I always get strange looks and also some comments from my colleagues if I head off to work straight after a run. As there is no remedy to it, I wear it with pride :)

  • 3 years down the line and I'm still very red by the middle of a run, by the end I'm red and wet regardless of the weather!!! They say ladies don't sweat, well I'm sorry so I'll have to now own up "I'm no lady cos I glow bright red and sweat buckets" Nothing stops it but at least everyone can see I've put in some effort to whatever has caused this to happen.

  • I just discovered that I'm no lady...

  • Hey, they aren't sweaty, hot flushes ....they're power surges! Go Oldgirl :D

  • I recall once when I was doing my post run stretches someone stopping to see if I was ok. I go purple and feel like my head is going to burst! Then I walk gently home and I am still a bright cerise colour 2 hours later!

    I have a question. How come I feel to be boiling but my skin feels really cold in the shower?

  • My face goes so red it's hilarious, I have got quite fair skin too. I did find it not as bad in the winter last year, but in the meantime I'm Zebedee...

  • Yes I am another beetroot. When I started my husbands face was a picture when I walked through the door. He was quite concerned. But now he is used to it.

  • Sorry, I still go red and sweaty but it fades quicker now. I don't think it will ever change but I don't mind

  • Me too, although I'm finding that the further I get through the programme the faster I recover (wk7 now). I hate it cos my run ends bang outside a secondary school, and they've all returned to school now. I've decided to keep my earphones in and listen to the lively Laura should any barracking occur!

  • Yes I go bright red too. I only noticed it in week 2 so I think week 1 was "easy" enough for me to not turn red..

    I always relax for a bit at home before I have a shower - if I have a shower the minute I get in, I continue sweating afterwards so I give my body some time to cool down - stretch a bit, have a glass of water and a banana and then shower when I feel back to "normal". I found this helps with the red face too.

  • I am not that fair (have what they call an olive skin, I call it yellow) and I get quite red at the end of my runs. Don´t worry too much about it, I think is quite normal.

  • HI! I have been every shade of red in the face from beetroot to tomato, post box and radish! I sweat so much I have had white salt patches on my face too (for example when I finished the Olympic Park 5 mile run in July when it was hot but not sunny, thank the Lord; and I got a sore graze type patch on my chest but it was from salt crystals not my bra!!) It all goes beautifully with my ginger curly hair; but I now take it as a sign I have been working hard, when I sweat like a beast (as my daughter says!) :-)

  • Don't worry about it - I could double as a traffic stop light, I think it's absolutely normal - and anyway, it's a badge of honour, shows you have been exercising and not a pasty faced couch potato!

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