Knee still a problem😥

Well a few weeks ago I wouldn't have believed I would feel so disappointed at not being able to go out and run. My knee is still painful so I thought I would be better not trying to run on it as, obviously, I don't want to do any damage.

When I do start again would it be better to repeat an earlier week first to check how things are? I suppose it does depend on how long it is until I feel able to run !!

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated

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  • I have had a twangy knee from time to time. Rest is certainly helpful. My knee is caused by the way I run I think, I don't flex my knee much and it gets stiff. So although rest is ok, I found strength and flex exercises almost entirely prevent problems,

    Also, massaging the knee is very helpful too. Let us know how it goes

  • As I am now wanting to build distance I have began the NHS knee exercises daily to build strength around my knee muscles. I want to prevent potential problems if I can.

  • 5 weeks in and I too have a problem with my knee, so annoying! I found my hips are actually the problem and have been doing some hip releasing exercises along with leg strengthening, definitely helping my knees, just starting to gently run again.

  • I too, have a twinge worthy knee... pesky little thing.. exercise and massage help. Just be sensible and when you feel ready, take it out for trial walk and then a trial, gentle, steady and slow, as ever, run :)

  • I think you might have to given the length of time you have been on the couch 😕 You could try running it off. Have you been to the docs?

  • Thanks again for all of the replies. I have decided to give myself a few days rest and then start gently again - I'm going to do some exercises for my knee too and fingers crossed x

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