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Post graduate building to 10k

So I finished the couch to 5k At the end of September and since then I have been adding 1k on a week yesterday I was supposed to hit 8k but around 6k my legs basically went like jelly but I am really struggling with motivation at the minute and struggling to fit in 3 runs a week as I am working a lot of nights. The longest I have hit so far is 7k running for 52 minutes (I have hit this a few times) but there's a 10k event on the 6th November I really want to do starting to worry that I won't be ready for it!!!!

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Oh Sara, you are putting a lot of pressure on yourself.. I think your legs might be a bit tired if you are going for 3 longish runs per week.

I know you want to do the 10k event, have you thought of trying the Sammy Murphy bridge to 10k podcasts. They use the run/walk technique which is really very good. Could be that you are just over training and need to put some shorter runs in amongst the longer ones and maybe use the run/walk sometimes.

I think you should still go for your 10k event, but don't worry if you need to take a walk break or two.

Good luck. Let us know how you get on.😊

I haven't got to 10k yet either but I have done 8k with Sammy Murphy and am enjoying it.

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Yea I have been doing 2 longer runs and a short 4 or 5k in the middle so I don't over do it and no thanks I'll try those podcasts I mean I don't feel far off i know I can push myself the last few km I think yesterday though I just felt really disappointed I know I can do better!

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..You still did 6k though.. but I understand what you mean. I think you sound so positive and are doing brilliantly...and as you have a good training plan will make that 10k.😊


Try having only one long run a week, otherwise you might be overextending yourself. You might also find it helpful to try your long run in run-walk intervals again. It certainly helps me go further, and counterintuitively, faster. You'll be fine for your event.


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