Days when you just feel you can't complete the run?

I started c25k some months ago, got up to week 3 twice before giving up because of lack of time/holidays. So I am on my third go and determined not to bgive up this time, finally up to week 7 having repeated weeks when I just felt I wasn't ready for step up. have completed a 25 minute run , but am struggling to repeat it, I just don't seem to have the energy in my legs. Have been keeping up the running every other day and feel like my legs should be used to it now. Does anyone else have the same problem, or thoughts on the subject please?


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  • Certainly know the feeling. I had an awful run the day before yesterday; got the pacing very wrong and ended with a stitch, which I haven't had in ages. I ended up walking for a few minutes then completing the rest of the time when I felt better. I was determined to finish, figuring any run was better than no run at all. Today I have terrible DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) from weight training yesterday morning - I'm walking like John Wayne, so I suspect today's run will not be my best either. So, in anticipation of that I'll slow my speed down. Remember the distance isn't the key, the time is. So slow it right down if you need to. If that doesn't cut it, just be really proud that you got out there and ran at all. You're moving faster than those sitting on the sofa!

  • Thanks for that. I think it may be to do with the pace as I have started listening to the radio instead of the podcast, which for some reason won't work on week 7, bloody technology. Need to get that working again. Didn't help that I fell over on Sunday tho that's nothing to do with it really.

  • Speed can have a lot to do with it, especially if you start off too fast. If your podcast is giving you the runaround (scuse the pun), you could re-use week 6 run 3? That's 25 mins too. It's possible that the beats per minute on the radio are faster than you're used to. Drink plenty before you run too, I always found that helped my legs. Good luck with the next one, just try and keep it real slow and steady. You know you can do this :)

  • Thanks for that. Good point about week 6! Goingto do that.

  • Maybe take an extra day for your muscles to recover. It sounds a bit as if you are doing this through gritted teeth. I've always found that if I'm tense it's much harder. Maybe just relax and accept that runners develop in different ways and speeds. I'm suggesting you just enjoy it but this morning my own run was hard work and very slow - so I need to take my own advice!

  • Ha! Have you been watching me? You may be right. One the whole i have been enjoying it but now i have fallen over once i am much more concious of the state of the pavements etc so i dont repeat it. Thanks for replying!

  • I run on pavements too and am conscious of all the uneven parts and also the litter! But generally I think running outside is more interesting than a treadmill. However I am beginning to change my mind as the weather gets worse and the mornings darker.

  • The pavements where I live are pretty shocking so I do part on pavement and part in a park where there is a gravel path but as the weather gets worse I am going to have to run on the pavement. Currently checking out which local roads have tarmac pavement!thanks for your reply!

  • These longer runs are hard work!

    Try taking a couple of days rest and see if that helps. There's nothing says you have to run every other day. Sometimes even a week off will bring you back with renewed strength and enthusiasm.

    You're running 25 mins longer than you ever used to!

  • Gonna give myself a day off tomorrow. Try to reload the podcasts so I don't go too mad on Monday!

  • The programme is presenting you with new challenges each week, so it is going to be hard and at times not enjoyable. The only thing we can do is to slow down, plod on and do the time. I said to myself so many times "why am I doing this"? Once we get to graduation, it does start to feel achievable and then after that, we can set all our own goals and once we can run for 30 minutes, there is so much scope - new places we can run. Make each run possible by getting good rest days, do a warm up, breathe well and run slowly

  • Thanks. Gonna have a day off tomorrow. Just scared that if I stop for a couple of days I will lose it all!

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