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Help! How to stress-bust when you can't run?

I posted about my ridiculous self-inflicted hip injury last week (moral of story: 27 is too old to run up the down escalator. Don't even try.), but a week later it's still sore. Have a doctor's appointment for tomorrow to try and get it sorted - I think it might be bursitis.

Meanwhile, I am 3 weeks away from my wedding, have loads to get done (including making a dress for my flower girl.), and am struggling to keep my anxiety levels managable without the mood-enhancing drug that is running. Any advice? What else do people do for stress-busting apart from running until you've sweated it all off?

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I go in the garden and bash some soil about, make compost, sow seeds, potter. You could possibly alleviate some of your stress by buying a dress for your flower girl. You can't do everything?

If you can walk, I would go for a walk somewhere nice, to the park etc. Or drive to somewhere nice and then have a walk, or just look at a lovely view. If you can't walk then I'd get a good book out and sit out with a glass of something cold


Cheers (and good idea about gardening. May give that a go.) I can, and have been, walking on the grounds that it counts as a 'rest', but the weather is so nice and we've been in such lovely places that it's hard to stop, and after an hour or so it starts to hurt (at which point I am miles from anywhere and have to keep going) so bit tricky. I need to admit defeat and actually rest it, I think, but I hate it!!!


How about doing an abs challenge (google it!) 100 sit-ups should work up a sweat and will help build up those core muscles ready for when you can run. Alternatively, swim ...


Oh, poor you! :-)

A nice walk with pleasant company, pretty scenery and a coffee at the end is one of my stress busters. Another favourite of mine is yoga (would have to be gentle or modified for you I imagine). Perhaps the NHS Stretch and Flex podcasts might help to stretch the stress away?

misswobble is definately onto something. I'd recommend looking at reducing stress. You're in the home straight of your wedding, it's usually at that time where prioritising of tasks is required and some fall by the wayside. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding BTW :-)


I feel for you that's hard.. And I don't think you are ever too old to run up the down escalator.. I still ride on shopping trolleys and I'm 43!!

I e had a month off due to injury and it's hard. But I've used the time swimming, rowing and walking and learning how to improve running... Perhaps do some stretching and breathing to beat stress... Good luck with the wedding!! :)


I also hurt my hip stupidly - I put my orthotics in the wrong way round (ie left insole in right shoe !) and couldn't run for two weeks. I googled hip bursitis and found an exercise sheet which really helped ! I still do the stretches after every run and so far so good. Anyway if your GP confirms bursitis, ask about exercises and stretches. One of the stretches is on the NHS livewell post run stretches site. At first attempt its quite hard to do without keeling over, but when you get the hang of it it is very helpful (its the one where you cross one foot over the other standing).


I remember having to go to the denist with face ache when I was preparing for my wedding. There was nothing wrong with my jaw or teeth, it was simply rigid with stress!

I think just sitting and doing nothing, relaxing with a cuppa etc just to take you out of yourself for a bit. You're not Wonderwoman!


Thanks all - I'll look at the stretches (and miss w you are right. I think a lot of my emotional wonkiness comes from a basic failure to accept the fact that I am not Wonderwoman!!)

Did an hour and a half of yoga at local leisure centre this evening and am feeling totally blissed out as a result. So that's marvellous :)


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