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Week 9 Run 1 - Smashed it!

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Can't believe I am typing this but I can now officially and proudly say I can run non stop for 30 minutes. I had massive shin splint problems but once I bought correct shoes and moulded insoles to help my low arches it feels like nothing can stop me.

The C25K app has changed my life and now I am targeting Park Runs and signed up for Mo Run in Newcaztle next month.

I ended up doing 5k tonight inside 38 minutes and this is the most proud I have ever felt.

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Congratulations. Enjoy your next two runs and let us know how you get on with them. Nothing can stop you getting that graduate badge now

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GazJ2kGraduate in reply to MrBob

Cheers pal. I can't believe how far I have came in 9 weeks. I have only failed / had to re run on two occasions but I feel confident I can graduate now.

My shins don't hurt and I am ready to smash the Mo Run in three weeks as it is flat.

Hills are still my enemy ha

Congratulations mate, happy for you 🙂

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Well done! You are right to take pride in such a fantastic achievement! Good luck with the park runs


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30 minutes. Non stop. How awesome do you feel? Only two more runs and you graduate. Amazing to see what this programme does isn't it? Go you :) And 5k inside 38 minutes is fabulous - you have every reason to feel prouder than proud!

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Wow that's brilliant, 5k in 38 minutes is great! X

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Getting so close now... wow! Thirty minutes non stop running and 5K... well done indeed!

Take the last bits steadily and head for the Graduation podium.. we will be waiting with virtual pom-poms and balloons!

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Running is all about setting our own goals, big or small and achieving them with lots of determination. I graduated a year ago now and to be able to run 5k is still something that thrills me

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Well done! Great feeling when you nail that run isn't it. Good news is that we can keep experiencing that feeling of elation when we get the job done. Parkrun is a good crack, and you will love it I'm sure. Mo Run! Get you!!!! Bet you're proper looking forward to that!

I had a lousy rotten shin split too and it took 9 months out of my running year. The thing is with shin splints is not to go at it like a bull at a gate. It's a stark warning to take care and progress carefully and steadily. Avoid being gung-ho at Parkrun, where there is a tendency to want to go flat out and race. I'd rein yourself in for now and carry on going carefully. You get quicker as you get fitter but it does take time

Have fun, that's the important bit!

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I couldn't even run 3 minutes without shin pains but now I have correct shoes and soles I feel the only thing holding me back is fitness but I'm getting there.

Can't wait for my graduation run on Sunday - I'm avoiding hills as these seem to break me more. I'm sure I will get there once I start the 5k to 10k plan next!

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